Monday, September 22, 2014


-Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, & John Bradshaw Layfield.
-Dolph Ziggler d. Mike Mizanin(w/ Damien Sandow) to win the Intercontinental Title.  Ziggler superkicked Sandow and Miz tried the O'Connor Roll with a handful of tights, but Dolph rolled through and HE pulled the tights to get the three-count.
-Jack Swagger(w/ Zeb Colter) d. Bo Dallas with the Patriot Lock(anklelock).
-Natalya Neidhart(w/ Rosa Mendes) d. Summer Rae(w/ Layla El) via Sharpshooter.
-Dean Ambrose d. Kane by DQ when Seth Rollins attacked Ambrose after he hit the Dirty Deeds(headlock driver).  Ambrose fought with Rollins but took a chokeslam from Kane...Seth teased re-entering the ring to do more damage, but Dean got a hold of a steel chair and Rollins backed off.
-U.S. Champion Sheamus O'Shaunessy & Jimmy & Jey Uso d. Antonio Cesaro & Tag Team Champions Goldust & Stardust when Jey pinned Goldust after the top-rope splash.
-Alexander Rusev(w/ Lana Perry) d. Mark Henry via Accolade(camel clutch) when Henry passed out in the hold.
-Adam Rose & The Bunny(w/ Rosebuds) d. Heath Slater & Titus O'Neil when Rose pinned Slater after the Party Foul(snapmare driver).
-Women's Champion A.J. Lee d. Nikki Bella(non-title) with the Black Widow; Paige Knight did commentary.
-John Cena d. Randy Orton(w/ Seth Rollins & Kane) by DQ when Rollins and Kane broke up the STF.  The Authority trio brought Cena to ringside and thought the covered box at ringside would contain cinderblocks again, but it actually contained Dean Ambrose!  Cena and Ambrose got the better of Orton and Kane as Rollins escaped into the audience.

SICW Special Comment

Now, as promised, a special comment about Saturday's Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling show at the Community Center in East Carondelet, Illinois.

Not a lot to talk about from this past week, really. The next few weekends will be really busy around here with multiple shows on the same nights. On top of that, my twenty-year high school reunion will be in the first weekend of October, so I'll have to figure out my plan of attack for those few days.

Your ring announcer was Drew Abbenhaus, your referees were Keith Smith Jr. and Jay King.

Big Jim Hoffarth & Farmer Billy Hills vs. Christian Rose & Ax (Allwardt): This was Rose's SICW debut. Hills went with the overalls instead of the spandex he wore in his previous appearance...probably a good choice. Rose attempted to emulate Hulk Hogan's bodyslam of Andre the Giant when he went up against Hoffarth...probably NOT a good choice. In the end, Hoffarth chokeslammed Rose for the win in 9:27.

"Dirdey" Jake Dirden vs. Bull Bronson: Bronson was flying solo with manager Travis Cook barred from the building. This would fall under the Gorilla Monsoon definition of the "irresistable force meeting the immovable object"; Dirden had a similar encounter with Barackus at the Dynamo show in Eureka. With a fan favorite holding the title, it's sensible to build up the rulebreaker side of the roster...Dirden stayed strong despite the loss. If a 400-plus-pound guy falls on you in mid-superplex, you're probably gonna stay down...and that's exactly what happened in 9:28. Not sure what business Bull had on the top rope in the first place, but it worked out for him so who am I to say anything?

"Night Train/Gorgeous/Great One" Gary Jackson vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez: This was more angle than match as Vaez got the microphone beforehand and spoke some not-'Murican, prompting Gary to interrupt for some enlightenment about the merits of This Great Country Of Ours(tm). It was also more of a fight than a wrestling match, resulting in a relatively quick no-contest in 5:00. The referee tried to establish some level of control and that resulted in some mutual ref abuse and the bout being thrown out. This feud...MUST CONTINUE~!

Promoter Herb Simmons interviewed "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware. Koko told the story about his wife finding his original macaw Frankie in a pet store and how that was a selling point when Vince McMahon brought him into the WWF. (He told the same story on the Ringsyders podcast on the Missouri Wrestling Revival podcast...shameless plug!) He went out of his way to talk to the younger fans in attendance, encouraging them to follow their dreams. Koko seemed like a really down-to-earth guy and it was very cool to get his autograph.

On a personal note, Koko was in the opening match on the first live wrestling event I ever attended in March of 1993. Gary Jackson worked that show as well and I also got Gary's autograph on my event program. I'll need to look up Koko's Memphis work as I've heard he was a great heel there. He also had one of the best brainbusters in wrestling(known as the "Ghostbuster"). One of my main memories of Koko was the High Energy tag team with one of my all-time favorites, Owen Hart.

Herb also brought out Gary and they talked about how he and Koko got their start in the business around the same time...they nearly formed a regular tag team in those days and Herb teased that they should team up in SICW sometime. Hmm...

Bobby D & Shiloh Jonze vs. "The Money" Matt Cage & "All About Me" Mallaki Matthews: Cage & Matthews had an extended personalized introduction for Drew to read...nicely done. Jonze is another OVW competitor; saw him once or twice on Ring Of Honor's TV show when ROH and OVW had a working relationship. The two tag matches were the only unannounced bouts on the card; always interesting to see who's on the show. Jonze hit Mallaki with a Trouble In Paradise-style flying roundhouse kick out of nowhere, getting the win in 7:35.

"The Man Of Tomorrow" Daniel Eads vs. Flash Flanagan: I say it a lot: Selling is such a lost art that when someone does a good job of it, the fan's first instinct is to wonder if the wrestler is legitimately hurt. Eads is still fairly new to the wrestling game and has been working with some more experienced competitors lately: Ricky Cruz, Cage, and now Flanagan. It seemed to take a few minutes before they got on the same page, but things clicked once the leg injury came into play. Eads appeared to tweak his knee on the landing from a double-axhandle off the top rope, then aggravated it further with an inverted atomic drop; after that point, Flanagan focused his attack on the leg. Eads survived a figure-four leglock and was able to hit a Superman Punch out of nowhere, but couldn't make the pin cover right away and it only got a two-count. Flanagan took out the leg again and hooked an anklelock; Eads didn't surrender, but the referee declared Eads unable to continue in 14:16.

Flanagan wasn't done as he assaulted Eads' bad leg with his kendo stick and then a steel chair...that drew out Classic Champion Heath Hatton and Flanagan retreated. Flash told Heath point-blank that he was wondering what it would take to get his attention...Flanagan obviously has his sights set on the championship once again, so he got on Hatton's radar by doing some damage to his protege.

Red River Jack(w/ "The Famous" Big Daddy) vs. "The King Of Chaos" Ricky Cruz: This was another bout that was set up to establish the story. Jack blatantly interfered in Ricky's title shot at Hatton last month, resulting in Cruz's long-awaiting title opportunity going up in smoke. Ricky took out Jack's leg at one point, but that didn't last too long. Jack survived Ricky's superkick finisher and went for his Double-R-J(Diamond Cutter/RKO), but Ricky bailed out of the ring and deliberately got counted out at 9:06. Cruz got the mic and started talking about how "you shouldn't be here," then finally clarified himself: "I know it's you, RON."

I'd done the same math that Ricky had: Red River Jack was an alias once used by King King/Bruiser Brody when he wrestled under a mask, Ron Powers was known as a Brody protege, and Ron lost to Ricky in a loser-leaves-town match earlier this year. However, from my observation, this new masked man doesn't APPEAR to be Ron Powers...I could be wrong, of course. Ron is technically only gone for the remainder of the calender year and could potentially make a comeback in 2015, but we'll see.

Heath Hatton vs. "Ironman" Ken Kasa for the Classic Title: This was Kasa's rematch for the title after Hatton ended his thirteen-month reign in July, but manager Travis Cook was banned from the building. Travis' absence was noticable in terms of the crowd noise for the match; it's hard to argue with what he brings to the table as a ringside presence. Kasa got to the ropes to escape the Crippler Crossface this time around, then used a metal baton hidden in his boot to do extra damage(how Memphis can you get? :)). The referee was knocked down and Hatton pulled off Kasa's boot to get the weapon for himself, but Kasa stopped him with a low blow...that resulted in a close near-fall. The match ended with an odd countout finish as Kasa teased a uranagi off the apron onto the timekeeper's table below, but Hatton escaped the setup and speared Kasa off the apron. That resulted in Kasa hitting his head on the table and not being able to beat the ten-count, so Hatton retained via countout win in 15:55. Hatton retained, but the door is open for another Kasa rematch since Heath didn't beat him decisively.

After the match, Flash Flanagan attacked the worn-out Hatton...Daniel Eads limped to the ring to help out(SELLING~!) but Flanagan was just leaving. It looks like Hatton-Flanagan will be the main event for next weekend's Fairmont City show...

Next Saturday will be busy with three shows: SICW in Fairmont City, MMWA in Herculaneum, and WLW in Troy, Missouri. The following Tuesday will be Dynamo's return to Off Broadway.

So far, October looks like this:
-Friday 10/3: St. Louis Anarchy in Alton, IL
-Saturday 10/4: Dynamo Pro Wrestling in Fenton, MO
-Saturday 10/11: Dynamo in Glen Carton, IL; MMWA in St. Louis, MO(South Broadway); SICW in Swansea, IL
-Saturday 10/18: SICW in East Carondelet, IL (One Man Gang appearing)
-Saturday 10/25: PWCS in Granite City, IL

Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

WWE Night Of Champions

-Goldust & Stardust d. Jimmy & Jey Uso to win the Tag Team Titles; Stardust blocked Jey's top-rope splash by raising his knees and then rolled up Jey for the pin.
-Sheamus O'Shaunessy d. Antonio Cesaro with the Brogue Kick to retain the U.S. Title.
-Mike Mizanin(w/ Damien Sandow) d. Dolph Ziggler(w/ "R-Truth" Ron Killings) to win the Intercontinental Title; Sandow got superkicked off the apron but Miz got Ziggler in an O'Connor Roll with a handful of tights for the cheap win.
-Seth Rollins d. Roman Reigns by forfeit; Reigns had emergency hernia surgery over the weekend and will be out of action for a few months.  Rollins issued an open challenge and Dean Ambrose made a surprise return to brawl with Seth...Triple H and Stephanie McMahon finally had to bring out agents and security to restrain Ambrose.
-Alexander Rusev(w/ Lana Perry) d. Mark Henry with the Accolade(camel clutch).
-Randy Orton d. Chris Jericho; Jericho jumped off the top rope and got caught with a mid-air RKO for the finish.
-A.J. Lee won a triple threat match with Nikki Bella and Paige Knight(C) to win the Women's Title when she made Paige tap out to the Black Widow.
-John Cena d. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar(w/ Paul Heyman) by DQ when Seth Rollins ran in to break up Cena's pin attempt after the fourth F-U of the match.  Rollins hit Lesnar with the advanced curbstomp and nearly cashed in his Money-In-The-Bank briefcase, but Cena attacked him to prevent it.  Cena ran off Rollins, but then Lesnar dropped Cena with the F-5.



-Commentators:  Kevin Kelly, Caprice Coleman, & Steve Corino.
-The Addiction("The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) d. The Kingdom(Adam Cole & Michael Bennett)(w/ Maria Kanellis); Kazarian pinned Bennett after Kazarian flipped Bennett up and over with a belly-to-back suplex setup, dropping him onto the raised knees of Daniels.
-"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin d. "The Last Real Man" Silas Young with the spiral bomb to retain the Heavyweight Title.

SICW Wrestling Explosion

-Commentator:  Larry Matysik.
-Larry did a sitdown interview with Mohamad Ali Vaez about his debut in the St. Louis area and future goals.
-"The Don Mega" Shorty Biggs d. "The Iceman" Howard Moritz via Shortcut(corkscrew snapmare driver).
-Promoter Herb Simmons interviewed visiting legend Ox Baker about his wrestling career as well as his movie credits.
-Flashback to December 1982:  Ric Flair d. Chris Dean with the figure-four leglock.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday SICW Results From East Carondelet, IL

-Big Jim Hoffarth & Farmer Billy Hills d. Christian Rose & Ax Allwardt when Hoffarth pinned Rose after the chokeslam (9:27).
-Bull Bronson d. "Dirdey" Jake Dirden; Dirden tried to cut off Bronson on the top rope, but Bronson fell on top of the superplex attempt and got the pinfall (9:28).
-"Night Train/Gorgeous/Great One" Gary Jackson fought Mohamad Ali Vaez to a no-contest; the referee lost control of the brawl and threw the match out after both men shoved him away (5:00).
-Promoter Herb Simmons interviewed WWE Hall Of Famer Koko B. Ware in the ring.  Koko called the younger fans in attendance to ringside and talked to them about following their dreams.  Herb also brought out Gary Jackson to talk about his and Koko's formative years in the wrestling business.
-Bobby D & Shiloh Jonze d. "The Money" Matt Cage & "All About Me" Mallaki Matthews; Jonze pinned Mallaki after a Trouble In Paradise-style flying roundhouse kick (7:35).
-Flash Flanagan d. "The Man Of Tomorrow" Daniel Eads.  Eads tweaked his knee when he delivered a double-axhandle off the top rope, then reaggravated it when he hit an inverted atomic drop.  The veteran Flanagan was able to take advantage of the injury and focused on the leg, wearing Eads down with a figure-four leglock.  Flanagan finally trapped Eads in an anklelock; Eads didn't tap out but the referee called for the bell, declaring Eads unable to continue (14:16).  Flanagan didn't stop there as he did more damage to the leg with his kendo stick and a steel chair...Classic Champion Heath Hatton finally hit the ring to run off Flanagan.  Flash said that he was wondering what it would take to get the champion's attention...
-Red River Jack(w/ "The Famous" Big Daddy) d. "The King Of Chaos" Ricky Cruz by countout.  The competitive matchup saw Jack survive Cruz's superkick and nearly deliver the Double-R-J(Diamond Cutter); at that point, Cruz bailed out of the ring and walked away from the match (9:06).  Ricky got the house microphone and claimed he knew the identity of the masked man:  "I know it's you, RON!"
-Heath Hatton d. "Ironman" Ken Kasa by countout to retain the Classic Title; Kasa's manager Travis Cook was banned from the building.  Kasa tried to cheat with a foreign object in his boot, but the referee caught him; that led to the official accidentally getting knocked down in a collision.  Hatton got a hold of the metal baton in Kasa's boot, but Kasa stopped him from using it with a low blow.  The referee recovered to count Kasa's pin attempt, but Hatton barely got his shoulder up at 2 1/2.  The two fought on the edge of the ring and that led to Hatton spearing Kasa off the apron, causing Kasa to hit his head on the edge of the timekeeper's table...after that, Kasa was unable to beat the ten-count back into the ring (15:55).  Flanagan ran out to attack Hatton...but Daniel Eads limped out to the ring and Flash backed off.  However, Flanagan challenged Hatton to defend his title against the "real champion" in the near future...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Show results

Friday CHIKARA results from Easton, PA featuring the King Of Trios Tournament:

-Team U.K.(Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, & Damian Dunne) d. The Bloc Party(The Proletariat Boar Of Moldova, Mr. Azerbaijan, & Prakash Sabar).
-GEKIDO(Jigsaw, The Shard, & 17) d. Knight Eye 4 The Pirate Guy(Lance Steel, Jolly Roger, & Princess Kimberlee).
-The Spirit Squad(Kenny Doane, Mikey Mondo, & Johnny Jeter) d. The Odditorium(Sinn Bodhi, Qefka The Quiet, & Sir Oliver Grimsly)
-The Flood(Jimmy Jacobs, Eddie Kingston, & Volgar The Unknown) d. The Spectral Envoy(Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, & Frightmare).
-The Devastation Corporation(Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, & Flex Rumblecrunch) d. Team Extravaganza(Jervis Cottonbelly, Marion Fontaine, & Thunderkitty).
-3peck0(Archibald Peck, Shane Matthews, & Scott Parker) d. Das Bruderschaft Des Kreuzes(Ares, Nokken, & Dr. Cube).  Dr. Cube was revealed to be Jakob Hammermeier.
-The Golden Trio(Grand Champion Icarus & Campeones De Parejas The Throwbacks("Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti & Dasher Hatfield) d. The Latin-American Xchange(Homicide, Shawn Hernandez, & Chavo Guerrero Jr.).
-The Colony(Fire Ant, Worker Ant, & Silver Ant) d. The Colony Xtreme Force(Missile Assault Ant, Arctic Rescue Ant, & Orbit Adventure Ant).

Saturday CHIKARA results from Easton, PA featuring the King Of Trios Tournament:

-Shynron won a four-way dance with Tigre Uno, Rich Swann, and Chuck Taylor.
-3peck0(Archibald Peck, Shane Matthews, & Scott Parker) d. GEKIDO(Jigsaw, The Shard, & 17).
-Juan Francisco De Coronado d. Rockstar Spud.
-The Devastation Corporation(Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, & Flex Rumblecrunch) d. Team U.K.(Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, & Damian Dunne).
-The Great Senada won a four-way dance with Amasis, A.R. Fox, and Orlando Christopher.
-The Golden Trio(Grand Champion Icarus & Campeones De Parejas The Throwbacks("Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti & Dasher Hatfield)) d. The Spirit Squad(Kenny Doane, Mikey Mondo, & Johnny Jeter).
-Ashley Remington d. Naofumi Yamamoto(fka Yoshi Tatsu) by DQ.
-The Flood(Jimmy Jacobs, Eddie Kingston, & Volgar The Unknown) d. The Colony(Fire Ant, Worker Ant, & Silver Ant).

Sunday CHIKARA results from Easton, PA featuring the King Of Trios Tournament:

-The Golden Trio(Grand Champion Icarus & Campeones De Parejas The Throwbacks("Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti & Dasher Hatfield)) d. The Flood(Jimmy Jacobs, Eddie Kingston, & Volgar The Unknown).
-The Devastation Corporation(Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, & Flex Rumblecrunch) d. 3peck0(Archibald Peck, Shane Matthews, & Scott Parker).
-Mark Andrews d. Sir Oliver Grimsly.
-Tag Team Gauntlet Match:  Los Ice Creams(El Hijo Del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.) d. Old Fashioned(Jervis Cottonbelly & Marion Fontaine); N_R_G(Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell) d. Los Ice Creams; The Colony Xtreme Force(Missile Assault Ant & Arctic Resuce Ant) d. N_R_G; The Batiri(Kodama & Obariyon) d. The Colony Xtreme Force; The Osirian Portal(Amasis & Ophidian) d. The Batiri; The Osirian Portal d. The Bloc Party(The Proletariat Boar Of Moldova & Prakash Sabar); The Osirian Portal d. The Colony(Silver Ant & Worker Ant); The Osirian Portal d. Pete & Damian Dunne; The Wrecking Crew(Jaka & Oleg The Usurper) d. The Osirian Portal for the win.
-The Submission Squad(Evan Gelistico, Pierre Abernathy, "Barnowl" Gary Jay, & Davey Vega) d. The Gentlemen's Club(Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, Orange Cassidy, & Swamp Monster).
-Shynron d. The Great Senada to win the Rey De Voladores Tournament.
-The Devastation Corporation d. The Golden Trio to win the King Of Trios Tournament.

Sunday ACW results from Austin, TX:

-Paige Turner won a six-way dance with Starr Venus, Baby Dumplins, Livi Loca, Paula Fate, and Stan Summers.
-Ricky Romida won a six-way dance with Kyle Hawk, Li'l Tony, Mr. B, Johnny Axxle, and Seph Annunaki to retain the U-30 Title.
-Jack Jameson d. Sky DaLacrimosa.
-The Power Of Two(Jerome Daniels & Keith Lee) won a three-way dance with Bandana Joe & Cherry Popper and Zac & D.G. Taylor.
-Dick Money & Wade Olson d. Danny Rocket & V.G. Allin.
-Angel Blue d. Darin Childs.
-Barrett Brown won a triple threat match with Franco D'Angelo and Houston Carson to retain the Hardcore Title.
-Athena d. Solo Darling.
-Scotty Santiago & Just Steve d. Dressed To Kill(Donny Brookes & Dylan Dunbar) to retain the Tag Team Titles.
-Jason Silver d. Gregory James in a table match.
-Ricky Starks d. Scot Summers.
-Jojo Bravo d. Barbi Hayden to win the T.V. Title.

WWE Smackdown

-Commentators:  Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, & John Bradshaw Layfield.
-Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso(w/ Jey Uso) d. Stardust(w/ Goldust) after a superkick (1:58).  Goldust tried to attack the Usos after the match but took a double superkick from the Tag Champs.
-Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & U.S. Champion Sheamus O'Shaunessy(w/ "R-Truth" Ron Killings) d. Mike Mizanin & Antonio Cesaro(w/ Damien Sandow) when Ziggler superkicked Miz, setting him up for Sheamus' Brogue Kick and pinfall (8:06 aired).
-Adam Rose(w/ Rosebuds) d. Heath Slater(w/ Titus O'Neil) with the Party Foul(snapmare driver) (2:56); Titus tripped up Rose at one point so the bunny took out Titus with a plancha.
-Bray Wyatt & The Wyatt Family(Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) d. The Big Show & Los Matadores(Fernando & Diego)(w/ El Torito) when Bray pinned Diego after the Sister Abigail (joined in progress; 8:07 aired).
-Women's Champion Paige Knight d. Nikki Bella(non-title) via Paige Turner (2:54); A.J. Lee did commentary.  Paige and A.J. had a tug-of-war over the belt, leading to Nikki yanking it away from them and laying them both out with the belt.
-Bo Dallas d. Jack Swagger(w/ Zeb Colter) after the turnbuckle-walk Bo-dog (2:47).  Bo tried to preach his message after the match but Swagger kicked him away.
-Alexander Rusev(w/ Lana Perry) d. Roman Reigns by DQ when Seth Rollins tried to jump in with his Money-In-The-Bank briefcase but hit Rusev by mistake (6:00 aired).  Reigns and Rollins brawled into the audience, then Mark Henry came out to interrupt Rusev's victory celebration.  Henry got the better of the ensuing fight with Rusev and dropped him with the World's Strongest Slam.