Wednesday, February 10, 2016



-Commentators:  Tom Phillips & Corey Graves.
-Baron Corbin d. Johnny Gargano with the End Of Days(mid-air Flatliner) (5:57).
-Backstage:  Alex Reyes interviewed Sami Zayn about the top-contenders' situation.  He wanted to win the triple threat match outright, but he'll step into the ring with Samoa Joe for the first time on next week's show to determine the true number-one contender.
-The Hype Bros(Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley) d. John Skyler & Corey Hollis when Ryder pinned Skyler after the Hype Ryder(Mojo pickup into Ryder second-rope Rough Ryder) (3:30).
-Backstage:  Reyes interviewed NXT Women's Champion Bayley Rose and Carmella Van Damme about their main-event match tonight for the title.
-Alexa Bliss(w/ Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy) d. Cameron Lynn with the Sparkle Splash(twisting top-rope splash) (4:14).
-Backstage:  Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady reminded NXT Tag Team Champions Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder that they're still coming after the belts.  Jason Jordan & Chad Gable barged into the interview, saying THEY would be the NXT Tag Team Of The Year and not Enzo & Cass.  Despite that difference of opinion, they would be teaming up on next week's show against Dawson, Wilder, Blake, & Murphy.
-Elias Samson d. Jesse Sorensen via short-arm snap neckbreaker (2:36).
-Backstage:  Reyes interviewed Apollo Crews about last week's non-title match with NXT Champion Finn B├ílor...he has no regrets about giving the champion a good fight.  However, he did come up short and you'll see a different competitor when he steps in the ring again.
-Bayley Rose d. Carmella Van Damme to retain the NXT Women's Title when a pinfall reversal sequence ended in a jackknife cradle by Bayley for the win (8:06 aired).  Eva Marie and Nia Jax attacked Carmella as she left the ring; Bayley tried to help her friend but was laid out as well.  Asuka Urai hit the ring to confront the two and Eva & Nia backed off.  Bayley and Asuka seemed to be on the same side...but Asuka turned her attention to the champion and the title belt before leaving the ring.
-Backstage:  Samoa Joe spoke his mind about his contenders' match on next week's show.  He feels like Zayn is ungrateful since he saved him from Kevin Owens last now he'll have to take away the second lease on life that he gave him.

World League Wrestling TV Episode 1

-Commentators:  Brian Thompson & Leland Race.
-Jon Webb d. "The" Ace Hawkins with the second Sliced Bread #2 of the match.
-Elite Aggression("Superstar" Steve Fender & "Dangerous" Derek McQuinn) d. The Black Hand Warriors(Dave DeLorean & Jayden Fenix) by reversed decision to retain the Tag Team Titles. The referee was occupied with DeLorean and McQuinn on the floor as Fender got a chain out of his tights, but Fenix reversed an O'Connor Roll into his own bridging pinfall. However, Fender claimed to have been hit with the chain and the referee found it on Fenix's person, overturning his original decision.
-Exclusive announcement:  WLW is starting a Junior Heavyweight Title.  The tournament will feature Jon Webb, Ace Hawkins, Kyle Roberts, Mike Outlaw, Justin D'Air, Danny Adams, and more.

TNA Impact

-Commentators:  Josh Mathews & D'Angelo Dinero.
-Bobby Lashley d. Bram Cameron(w/ King Of The Mountain Champion Eric Young) via spear after Young's interference backfired (5:49).
-Trevor Lee(w/ Gregory Shane Helms) d. Tigre Uno with the small package driver to retain the X-Division Title (5:16).
-Beer Money(Bobby Roode & James Storm) d. The Decay(Abyss & Crazzy Steve)(w/ Rosemary Rush) by DQ when Abyss pulled the referee out of the ring after Roode & Storm hit the Driving While Investing(powerbomb/neckbreaker combo) on Steve (5:31).  Tag Team Champions The American Wolves(Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) made the save, but The Decay trio got away with the title belts.
-Mia "Jade" Yim(w/ Marti Belle & Rebel) d. Madison Rayne after the package piledriver (4:23).  Women's Champion Gail Kim saved Rayne from a post-match beatdown.
-Drew Galloway d. Kurt Angle with the Border City Stretch (10:54 aired).

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Comedy Part 653: Contest Warmup

Location:  Westport Funny Bone
Emcee:  J.C. Sibala
After:  Jon Tait (aka Doom Shirt Guy)
Before:  Michael Reigner

Glad to perform at Westport for the first time in a little while.  My pen ran out of ink so I wasn't able to jot down any notes before going on stage; I had to remember my set on the fly.  I went up second-to-last and after a new guy who had brought most of the audience, so that wasn't the easiest spot.  Despite forgetting a few new jokes that I wanted to try, my set went pretty well...that counts as a positive, given my position on the show.  The comedy contest at Hey Guys is starting this Thursday, so no open-mics there for a up for me will likely be whatever open-mic I attend next week.  Onward!

This week in wrestling


Main Event this week has:
-Mark Henry & Darren Young vs. Johnny Fandango & Damien Sandow
-Zack Ryder vs. Heath Slater
-Natalya Neidhart vs. Alicia Fox

NXT this Wednesday has:
-Bayley Rose vs. Carmella Van Damme - NXT Women's Title
-Johnny Gargano vs. Baron Corbin
-Alexa Bliss vs. Cameron Lynn
-Jesse Sorensen vs. Elias Samson
-In action:  The Hype Bros(Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley)

Superstars this week has:
-Johnny Fandango & Damien Sandow vs. The Ascension(Konnor O'Brian & Rick Viktor)
-Zack Ryder vs. Stardust

Smackdown on Thursday has:
-A.J. Styles vs. Chris Jericho
-The Lucha Dragons(Kalisto & Sin Cara) & Adrian Neville vs. Stardust & The Ascension(Konnor O'Brian & Rick Viktor)
-Sasha Banks vs. Naomi Night
-In action:  Curtis Axel, Adam Rose

Fast Lane is on Sunday 2/22:
-Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar
-Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio - U.S. Title
-Charlotte Flair vs. Brie Bella - Women's Title


Impact on Tuesday has:
-Ethan Carter III & Rockstar Spud vs. Matt Hardy & Tyrus Clay
-The American Wolves(Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. The Decay(Abyss & Crazzy Steve) - Tag Team Titles - Monster's Ball Match
-Mahabali Shera & Odarg The Great vs. Eli Drake & Jessie Godderz
-Mark Andrews vs. Mike Bennett
-Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs. The Dollhouse(Mia "Jade" Yim & Marti Belle)


ROH TV this week has:
-Matt Sydal & A.C.H. vs. The Young Bucks(Matt & Nick Jackson)
-Lio Rush vs. Jason Kincaid - Top Prospect Tournament
-Caprice Coleman & Will Ferrara vs. Silas Young & "Beer City Bruiser" Matt Winchester
-Mark Briscoe vs. Tim Hughes

Next show is Friday 2/26 in Las Vegas, NV:
-Jay Lethal vs. Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly - Heavyweight Title
-The Briscoe Brothers(Jay & Mark) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin
-Kazuchika Okada vs. Moose
-War Machine(Todd Hanson & Raymond Rowe) vs. The All Night Express(Kenny King & Rhett Titus) - Tag Team Titles - No-DQ Match
-Matt Sydal, A.C.H., & Yujiro Kushida vs. Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks(Matt & Nick Jackson)
-Hirooki Goto vs. Tomohiro Ishii

ROH has a show on Saturday 2/27 in Las Vegas, NV.


Information on upcoming episodes of World Pro Wrestling will be posted when it becomes available.


This week's episode has:
-King Cuerno vs. Fenix - Last-Man-Standing Match
-Drago vs. Jack Evans
-Bengala vs. Cobra Moon



Next show is Saturday 2/13 in Alton, IL:
-Gerald James vs. Mat Fitchett - Heavyweight Title Best-Of-3-Falls Match
-Chris Hero & Trik Davis vs. Danny Adams & Everett Connors
-Evan Gelistico & Adam Caster vs. The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) vs. Team I.O.U.(Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) vs. The Viking War Party(Alexandre Rudolph & Jake Parnell) - Tag Team Titles
-Davey Vega vs. Jeremy Wyatt
-Matt Cage vs. Paco Gonzalez
-Jojo Bravo vs. Andy Dalton
-Mike Outlaw vs. Christian Rose
-Zakk Sawyers vs. Steve O. Reno

SLA has a show on Sunday 2/14 in Alton, IL:
-The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) & The Viking War Party(Alexandre Rudolph & Jake Parnell) vs. The Cause(Evan Gelistico, Adam Caster, Danny Adams, & Everett Connors) - Elimination Tag Match
-Chris Hero vs. Jojo Bravo
-Matt Cage vs. Alex Castle - Last-Man-Standing Match
-Davey Vega vs. Trik Davis
-Roscoe Eat Lisa(Mikey McFinnegan & Zakk Sawyers) vs. Team I.O.U.(Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)
-Mike Outlaw vs. Paco Gonzalez


Next show is Saturday 2/6 in Fenton, MO:
-Ricky Cruz vs. Jake Dirden vs. Mike Outlaw vs. Brandon Espinosa - Heavyweight Title
-Outtkast vs. Elvis Aliaga vs. Jayden Fenix - D-1 Title Tournament Final
-Rocket Mapache vs. Ozzie Gallagher

DPW has a show on Saturday 2/20 in St. Louis, MO(Ready Room).

DPW has a show on Saturday 2/27 in Wood River, IL.


Next show is Saturday 2/20 in East Carondelet, IL:
-Ron Powers & Ken Kasa vs. Flash Flanagan & Bubba Troll
-Gary Jackson vs. Curtis Wylde


Next show is Saturday 2/13 in St. Louis, MO:
-Brandon Espinosa & Ace Hawkins vs. Prince Moses & Damion Cortess - Tag Team Titles


Next show is Saturday 2/20 in Granite City, IL featuring the St. Louis Invitational Tournament:
-Makaze & Jojo Bravo(Blacklist) vs. Gary Jay & Pierre Abernathy(Submission Squad)
-Louis Lyndon vs. Mat Fitchett - Tournament Quarterfinal
-Davey Vega vs. Everett Connors - Tournament Quarterfinal
-Paco Gonzalez vs. Adam Caster - Tournament Quarterfinal
-Zakk Sawyers vs. Mark Sterling - Tournament Quarterfinal


Next show is Saturday 2/27 in Warsaw, MO:
-Ricky Cruz vs. Brandon Aarons - MWR Missouri Title
-Mike Outlaw & Justin D'Air vs. The Riegel Twins(Logan & Sterling) - Tag Team Titles
-Adam Caster  vs. ? - Heavyweight Title Tournament
-Ryan Howe vs. Elvis Aliaga - Heavyweight Title Tournament
-Billy McNeil vs. Tony Kozina - Heavyweight Title Tournament
-Paco Gonzalez vs. Mike Sydal - Heavyweight Title Tournament
-Jack Gamble vs. Tyler Copeland


Information on upcoming shows will be posted when it becomes available.


Next show is Saturday 4/9 in Kansas City, KS:
-Jeremy Wyatt vs. Rhino - Heavyweight Title


Next show is Friday 3/4 in Des Moines, IA:
-Nate Redwing vs. Jake Dirden - Heavyweight Title
-Kraig Keesaman vs. Marek Brave - Pure Wrestling Title
-Black Wrestlers Matter(Jon West & James Grizzle) vs. Mad Dog McDowell & Devin Carter - Tag Team Titles
-Ricky Cruz vs. Preston Maxwell
-Devin Thomas & Adrian Alexander vs. Jaysin Strife & J.C. Slater
-Brandon Espinosa vs. Stephen M. King


Next show is Saturday 2/27 in Troy, MO:
-Appearing:  Ted DiBiase


Information on upcoming shows will be posted when it becomes available.


Information on upcoming shows will be posted when it becomes available.


Next show is Sunday 2/21 in Swansea, IL:
-Kevin Lee Davidson vs. Brandon Espinosa - Heavyweight Title Best-Of-Three-Falls Match
-Brandon Aarons vs. Tyler Copeland - PWE Heavyweight Title
-LaMarcus Clinton & Chase King vs. Adam Caster & Tony Kozina - Tag Team Titles
-Derek Moss vs. Da'Marius Jones


Next show is Saturday 4/30 in Lebanon, MO.


Next show is Saturday 2/27 in Collinsville, IL:
-Uriah Eleazar vs. Bronson - U.S. Title


Next show is Saturday 3/26 in Eldon, MO
-The Math Magician vs. "Iceman" Howard Moritz - Mask vs. Dress Match



Next show is Saturday 3/19 in Queens, NY.


Next show is Friday 2/12 in Reseda, CA:
-Roderick Strong vs. Drew Galloway - Heavyweight Title
-Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Trevor Lee
-Andrew Everett vs. Adam Cole
-Sami Callihan vs. Jack Evans
-Chris Hero vs. Trent Barreta
-Dalton Castle vs. Chuck Taylor


Next show is Saturday 2/27 in Bronx, NY.

CHIKARA has a show on Sunday 2/28 in Philadelphia, PA.


Next show is Saturday 2/13 in Cornelia, GA featuring the Heavyweight Title tournament:
-Mikael Judas vs. Jeff Lewis
-Billy Buck vs. Anthony Henry
-Ethan Case vs. Elijah Evans IV
-Kyle Matthews vs. ?
-Se7en vs. Azrael
-Geter vs. C.B. Suave
-Stryknyn vs. Jacob Ashworth
-James Drake vs. Rob Killjoy


Next show is Saturday 4/16 in Philadelphia, PA.


Next show is Saturday 4/2 in Dallas, TX featuring the Heart Of SHIMMER Title tournament.

SHIMMER has shows on Saturday 6/25 and Sunday 6/26 in Chicago, IL.


Information on upcoming shows will be posted when it becomes available.


Next show is Friday 2/12 in Clarksville, IN.


Next show is Friday 2/29 in Merrionette Park, IL:
-Eddie Kingston vs. Sami Callihan - Heavyweight Title
-Abyss & Kongo Kong vs. Ryan Boz & Russ Jones - Monster's Ball Match
-A.R. Fox vs. Matt Cage - Heritage Title
-Zero Gravity(Brett Gakiya & C.J. Esparza) vs. Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett


Next show is Sunday 2/21 in Austin, TX:
-Jojo Bravo vs. Masada - Heavyweight Title

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Monday, February 8, 2016


-Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, & John Bradshaw Layfield.
-Dolph Ziggler d. Kevin Owens after Owens missed a cannonball into the corner, rolling him up with feet on the ropes(!) for the pin (7:30 aired).
-Women's Champion Charlotte Flair(w/ Ric Flair) d. Alicia Fox(non-title) with the Figure-Eight Leglock(bridging figure-four) (5:15).
-Bray Wyatt(w/ Braun Strowman, Luke Harper, & Erick Rowan) d. Ryback with the Sister Abigail (3:18 aired).
-Adam Rose(w/ Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, & Bo Dallas) d. Titus O'Neil via rollup after a distraction by Slater (3:18).
-Alberto Del Rio & Alexander Rusev(w/ King Wade "Bad News" Barrett) d. The Lucha Dragons(U.S. Champion Kalisto & Sin Cara) when Del Rio pinned Kalisto after the Tree Of Woe double-stomp off the top rope (5:38).
-Tamina Snuka(w/ Naomi Night) d. Becky Lynch; Sasha Banks did commentary.  Becky was sidetracked by a fight between Sasha and Naomi outside the ring, leading to Tamina winning via superkick (3:39).
-Jimmy & Jey Uso & The Dudley Boys(Buh-Buh Ray & D-Von) d. Tag Team Champions The New Day(Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston, & Xavier Woods) & Mark Henry in a table match; Henry walked out on his partners and the Dudleys won by giving Big E the Dudley Death Drop through a table (4:25 aired).  After the match, the Dudleys turned on the Usos and put them both through tables.
-The show ended with Daniel Bryan announcing his retirement due to his concussions.

Dynamo Special Comment

Now, as promised, a special comment about Saturday's Dynamo Pro Wrestling show at the Stratford Inn in Fenton, Missouri.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm biased.  Deal with it.

With competition from Mardi Gras(a big thing in the St. Louis area), attendance was notably strong for this outing.  There were some pretty noteworthy matches on the show:  A well-built four-way title match as well as the triple threat to crown the first D-1 Champion.  A good time was had by all, though the crowd seemed subdued at times...they were energetic for the bigger matches on the show, at any rate.

Crossed paths with Kory Twist for the first time in a long time; he brought his son to check out the show.  Glad to see he's doing well; he had a run as GCW Heavyweight Champion back in the day (wow, that makes both of us sound old).

Your ring announcer was Chris Roedel, your assistant ring announcer was Luke Roberts, and your referees were Patrick Hook & Jay King.

The show started with a presentation by Missouri Wrestling Revival...Ben Simon represented the website (Brian Kelley was taking pictures at ringside) and special guest Brian Stull said a few words.  Stully hadn't been to a wrestling show in quite a while and was a big part of Gateway Championship Wrestling; he was their ring announcer at one time and did a lot to push independent wrestling on The Stranglehold radio show.

Co-promoters "Evil" Jim & Crystal Yount received the Lifetime Achievement Award from MWR...Brian Kelley contacted me around New Year's to do the writeup for the award announcement.  They have been a part of the local scene since the days of Midwest Renegade Wrestling, leading into GCW and then the group that is now known as Dynamo Pro.  They've played a big part of influencing many of the wrestlers that have competed in the St. Louis area...the roster came out to ringside to applaud the presentation.  Jim and Crystal don't often speak in front of the audience, but they thanked the fans for their support.  They also acknowledged Sadie Blaze in the audience as he was a big part of the MRW and GCW establishment in the early days.

High Level Enterprise(Jack Gamble & Jon Webb) vs. Alpha Class("The Millenial" Danny Adams & Paco Gonzalez) for the Tag Team Titles:  This match was scheduled for January, but Paco was unable to attend the show and Adams teamed with Michael Magnuson in a loss to the tag champs.  With the challengers on the same page, the fan-favorite duos had a really good competitive matchup.  I'm not sure what's next for Gamble & Webb since they've already fought the Black Hand Warriors ad nauseum and dealt with The Professionals(Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby) not too long ago.  Gamble got the pin on Paco in 9:30 after Webb hit a solo Spanish Fly(!)...nicely done.

Brandon Aarons vs. Billy McNeil(w/ C.J. McManus & Jayson Khaos):  The fans don't really want to boo Billy, despite his association with McManus and company; C.J. preceded the match by berating McNeil over his continued use of the unicorn mask.  Only time will tell whether this turns into a full-fledged blowup of the group or Billy fully turns to the Dark Side; he hasn't wanted the outside interference, but he has recently benefitted from it.  Aarons had things going his way and delivered an electric chair German suplex(a la Kenny Omega), but C.J. distracted the ref.  As the official AND McNeil confronted McManus, Khaos decked Aarons behind their backs...Billy didn't see what happened, but small-packaged Aarons for the win in 9:22.  Once it became clear to everyone involved, McNeil profusely apologized to Aarons and they shook hands (much to the dismay of the Midnight Society members).

Rocket Mapache vs. "The Alternative" Ozzie Gallagher:  Gallagher was vowing to make an example out of Rocket...he had another brief ringside confrontation with Sadie before the match.  Gallagher's focus was on removing the mask of his opponent...Rocket was able to fight him off, but not forever as Gallagher finally removed the hood.  Rocket kept his face covered as Gallagher continued to assault him, leading to the referee calling for the bell in 6:23.  It wasn't clear at first whether the decision was a disqualification or something else, but it was announced that it was a referee stoppage and Gallagher was awarded the matchup.  Rocket's tag team partner Jackal ran off Gallagher, but the damage was done as Ozzie flaunted his "trophy", particularly rubbing it in the face of Sadie as he passed his seat.

"Young & Dangerous" Evan Morris vs. Jayson Khaos(w/ C.J. McManus & Billy McNeil):  This match seemed to go better than their Ready Room outing in November, but then Khaos has worked off some ring rust in the past few months.  Morris won that matchup to qualify for the D-1 Title tournament and Khaos was looking for some payback.  Despite the encouragement of his manager, McNeil refused to take any cheapshots at Morris when the opportunities arose.  Khaos was slow to cover after hitting the Unprettier and Morris kicked out of the pin attempt.  When Khaos attempted the move again, Morris escaped the setup and hit the TKO onto the knee for the win in 5:30; C.J. tried to jump in the ring to break up the pin cover, but McNeil pulled him back to the floor.

"The Don Mega" Shorty Biggs vs. Kiyoshi Shizuka(w/ Lucy Mendez):  Shorty randomly came out to Jushin Liger's theme music...bwahahaha.  Shorty's infatuation with Lucy continued; this was a rematch from last month when Shorty got the win over the masked newcomer.  I don't know much about Shizuka except that he debuted a few months ago in Gateway Elite Wrestling.  (Larry Zbyszko re: Mike Tenay:  "YOU don't know?  Fire him!")  Shorty nearly made it two-for-two, but Lucy put herself between the competitors to shield Shizuka from Shorty's attempted Junk In The Trunk.  That allowed Kiyoshi to poke Shorty in the eye and DDT him for the cheap win in 9:08...BOO~!  The masked man held Shorty for Lucy to slap...ouch.

Outtkast vs. "The Filipino Warrior" Elvis Aliaga(w/ Lucy Mendez) vs. Jayden Fenix for the D-1 Title:  All three men won six-way dances to reach this point as Dynamo finally established a secondary singles title for the promotion.  Outtkast hadn't held a singles championship since his GCW Light Heavyweight Title reign in 2002(!).  Aliaga had been a Heavyweight and Tag Champ in World League Wrestling but hadn't held any championships in Dynamo.  Fenix was a Tag Champ in both Dynamo and WLW but never held a singles championship.

Anywho...wrestling match~!  Aliaga and Fenix formed a temporary alliance which didn't last too long.  Both guys have been growing on me and I look forward to seeing the progress of Fenix in particular.  Finishers were exchanged near the end and Aliaga was taken out of the equation long enough for Outtkast to slam Fenix as he came off the top rope, then deliver the Case Study for the win in 12:37!  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a NEWWWWW Dynamo Pro Wrestling D-1 Champion!  (No, I don't know what "D-1" stands for...)  Brian Stull presented the title belt to the winner and Shorty Biggs congratulated his tag team partner...woo-hoo.

Intermission~!  Official Ben Simon Concession Count(tm):  Three Coca-Colas(thank Stratford's free refills for that).

"The Yoga Monster" Mike Sydal vs. Kevin Lee Davidson:  These guys had a really good David/Goliath bout...look forward to seeing both guys get bigger opportunities in the near future.  K.L.D. dominated a lot of the match with his size and power advantage, but a few well-placed kicks turned the tide in Sydal's favor.  In the end, Sydal was able to hit the Yogasault(yoga-mat moonsault) for the victory in 7:50.

"Miss Natural" Heather Patera vs. Lucy Mendez:  It was a pleasant surprise to see a women's match on the show; good to see that they're building a feud here.  As much as I joke about my previous social media snafus, I'm a big fan of Lucy and have said for a while that I'd like to see her compete in SHIMMER or some other higher-profile women's promotion.  The match had an unusual vibe with the fans as Miss Natural was in the odd position of being the fan favorite.  Moreover, the fans don't really want to hate Lucy, though it's for entirely different reasons than in Billy McNeil's case.  They had a match at Metro Pro Wrestling the previous weekend with Miss Natural dressed as Supergirl and Lucy dressed as Batgirl, because why not?  (Okay, Batman vs. Superman movie coming out soon...)  Miss Natural had control after a swinging uranagi, but Kiyoshi Shizuka ran out to push Natural off the top rope behind the referee's back.  Lucy took advantage with a jumping DDT for the win in 11:36(!); Shorty Biggs made the post-match save, presumably setting up a mixed tag match in the near future.

"The King Of Chaos" Ricky Cruz vs. "Dirdey" Jake Dirden vs. Brandon Espinosa vs. Mike Outlaw for the Heavyweight Title:  Last month's Cruz-Dirden match ended in a non-finish due to Espy's interference; Espy had beaten Outlaw earlier in the night to become the top contender, but Outlaw pinned Dirden in an impromptu tag match to stake his own claim to a title opportunity.  At the beginning of the match, Dirden left the ring and grabbed the microphone, complaining about how the title shouldn't be decided in multi-way schmozz matches like this one.  He declared that he wasn't participating in the match and left out the side door...seemingly leaving the matchup as a three-way affair.  Espy was at a disadvantage against two fan favorites, putting him in an even worse mood than usual.  The finishing sequence saw Espinosa get Cruz in the cross-armbreaker, but Outlaw broke up the hold with the High Noon(top-rope elbowdrop).  Cruz tried to go to the top rope to finish things, but Espinosa knocked him to the floor with a chair (no disqualifications in a four-corner match!) and delivered the frog splash on Outlaw.  At that moment, Dirden decided to re-enter the fray...he pounced on his weakened opposition and attempted to steal the pin on Outlaw, but he kicked out of the cover.  That only served to infuriated the Intelligent Monster, who delivered a thunderous chokeslam to finish off Outlaw and win the title for a third time in 10:00!  Dirden celebrated his win with Michael Magnuson and Jayden Fenix to close the seems like all three other guys have legitimate claims to the next championship opportunity.  Espinosa felt like he should have gotten a one-on-one title shot, Cruz was never pinned/made to submit in the title loss, and Outlaw got a clean pin on Dirden in January...we'll see how things shape up from here.

As previously noted, February will be a busy one in this area...the rest of the month looks like this:

-Saturday 2/13: St. Louis Anarchy in Alton, IL; Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance in St. Louis, MO
-Sunday 2/14: St. Louis Anarchy in Alton, IL
-Saturday 2/20: Pro Wrestling Championship Series in Granite City, IL; Dynamo Pro Wrestling in St. Louis, MO(Ready Room); Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling in East Carondelet, IL
-Sunday 2/21: Wrestling Invades America in Swansea, IL
-Saturday 2/27: Dynamo Pro Wrestling in Wood River, IL; World League Wrestling in Troy, MO; High Risk Wrestling in Warsaw, MO; World Powerhouse Wrestling in Collinsville, IL

I have a comedy show on the 20th so I won't make it to any of those three shows...with the alleged comedy career gaining some momentum, it's something that may occupy my weekends a bit more.  Stay tuned, as they say.

That's my special comment for this, the fourth wrestling show I've attended in the year 2016.  Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

-PB, Watching Wrestling Wrong Since 1991

P.S. We are all marks.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

3XW All Stars Of The Midwest Episode 40

-Commentators:  Jeremy Jacobs, Brady A. Dezire, Jeremy Robb, & Jaysin Strife.
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  The Horndogs(Mad Dog McDowell & Krotch) fought The Beer City Bruisers(Matt Winchester & Brandon Blaze) to a double countout (14:12).  That meant that Black Wrestlers Matter(Jon West & James Grizzle), who had already received a first-round bye from Commissioner Todd Countryman, would get a bye all the way to the finals.
-"The Fashionista" Marek Brave d. Kraig Keesaman via Pedigree to retain the Pure Wrestling Title (13:32).