Sunday, October 23, 2016



-Commentators:  Kevin Kelly & Steve Corino.
-Colt Cabana & Dalton Castle(w/ The Boys) d. The Tempura Boyz(Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu) when Castle pinned Yohei after the Bangarang(tilt-a-whirl faceplant) (5:18).
-Kyle O'Reilly d. Jonathan Gresham via brainbuster (6:18 aired).  "Hangman" Adam Page attacked O'Reilly afterwards, focusing on his previously-injured shoulder; T.V. Champion Bobby Fish ran in to help, but that brought out Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole and the Bullet Club stablemates assaulted Fish with a chair.
-B.J. Whitmer & "Punishment" Damian Martinez d. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara; Whitmer pinned Cheeseburger after Martinez hit Cheeseburger with a step-up forearm smash (4:00).  Kevin Sullivan did guest commentary and exchanged words with Corino, leading to Corino running to the ring to confront Whitmer & Martinez.
-Tetsuya Naito & Takaaki "Evil" Watanabe d. The Motor City Machineguns(Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) when Naito pinned Sabin after the Destino(sitout Asai DDT) (7:51 aired).
-Next week:  The Briscoe Brothers(Jay & Mark) vs. The Addiction(Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian, plus Yujiro Kushida, A.C.H., & Jay White vs. The All Night Express(Kenny King & Rhett Titus) & Caprice Coleman in the Six-Man Tag Team Title Tournament.

SICW Wrestling Explosion

-Commentator:  Drew Abbenhaus.
-Moondog Rover d. Purple Passion by countering a flying move off the second rope with a powerslam.
-Brandon Espinosa(w/ Travis Cook) interrupted the introductions for the Classic Title match between champion Ron Powers and "Ironman" Ken Kasa, vowing that he would be gunning for the titleholder and punctuating his statements with slaps to the face of both men.  Powers & Kasa temporarily put aside their differences to toss Espy out of the ring.
-Ron Powers d. "Ironman" Ken Kasa to retain the Classic Title; the match initially ended in a double countout but the match was restarted.  The referee was accidentally knocked down during a slam attempt by Powers and Kasa took Powers down in the Tazmission, but there was no referee to check on the champion.  Kasa thought about using his metal face mask to gain an illegal advantage, but Powers small-packaged Kasa for the three-count.
-Drew interviewed Classic Champion Ron Powers & "Night Train/Gorgeous/Great One" Gary Jackson about their best-of-three-falls cage match in Swansea against Attila Khan & Brandon Espinosa.
-"Volatile" Curtis Wylde & "Unstable" Dave Vaughn(w/ Wyldefyre) d. Bodily Harm("The Enforcer" Jimmy D & Bobby D) when Wylde pinned Jimmy D after their version of Total Elimination(spinning heel kick by Wylde/legsweep by Vaughn combination).

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday DPW Results From St. Louis, MO (4 Hands Brewery)

Part One:
-Brandon Aarons d. "The Incredible Primal Prodigy" Matt Kenway (Look At Him) after a close-range superkick (3:52).
-Mike Outlaw d. "The King Of Chaos" Ricky Cruz via rollup to retain the Heavyweight Title (8:57).
-Straps Down University("The Valedictorian" Keon Option & Justin D'Air) d. Alpha Class("The Millenial" Danny Adams & Paco Gonzalez) to retain the Tag Team Titles; Option pinned Adams after he and D'Air hit a wheelbarrow/Codebreaker double-team (5:28).
-Brandon Espinosa d. Makaze to retain the MWR Missouri Title; Espinosa hit Makaze with the title belt out of the referee's view, then followed up with the double-underhook brainbuster for the win (5:38).
-Jackal d. "Dirdey" Jake Dirden; the referee was knocked down and Dirden brought a chair into the ring, but Jackal got it away from him and speared him with the assistance of the chair.  Jackal followed up with a Diamond Cutter, then added insult to injury with a Five-Knuckle Shuffle-style fistdrop for the upset win (7:00).
Part Two:
-C.J. Shine d. Jackal after the springboard dropkick (6:40).
-La Apuesta d. Rocket Mapache with a frog splash (11:40); Rocket got revenge after the match by attacking Apuesta, unmasking him to reveal Jack Gamble.
-Tag Team Champion "The Valedictorian" Keon Option d. Makaze after an axe kick (5:21).
-Brandon Espinosa d. Brandon Aarons to retain the MWR Missouri Title; the two traded attempts at famous finishing maneuvers, but Espinosa delivered an RKO before finishing with the double-underhook brainbuster (7:41).

Show results

Friday HRW results from Warsaw, MO:

-Kiyoshi Shizuka won a triple threat match with Elvis Aliaga and Danny Adams.
-Barackus d. Kevin Lee Davidson.
-Brandon Espinosa d. Jack Gamble to retain the MWR Missouri Title.
-Paco Gonzalez fought Jay Howard to a time-limit draw.
-Babewatch(MWR Missouri Champion Brandon Espinosa & Brandon Aarons) d. Jack Gamble & Matt Kenway to win the vacant Tag Team Titles.
-Mike Sydal d. Tony Kozina to retain the Heavyweight Title.
-Justin D'Air d. Mike Outlaw to win the Mayhem Title.

Friday ROH results from Fort Lauderdale, FL:

-Kennadi Brink d. Rachael Ellering.
-Kenny King & Caprice Coleman d. Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali.
-Mark Briscoe d. Frankie Kazarian.
-War Machine(Todd Hanson & Raymond Rowe) d. The Tempura Boyz(Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu).
-"Hangman" Adam Page d. Dalton Castle.
-Kyle O'Reilly won a four-corner match with Kamaitachi, Donovan Dijak, & Jay White.
-Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara d. Damian Martinez & B.J. Whitmer.
-Bobby Fish d. Rhett Titus to retain the T.V. Title.
-Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole d. Bull James in a non-title match.
-Jay Lethal, Silas Young, & Alex Shelley d. Jay Briscoe, Colt Cabana, & Christopher Daniels.

Saturday NBW results from Eldon, MO:

-Kyle Roberts d. John E. Rock by DQ.
-Ricky Cruz & Marc Godeker d. Curt Gannon & Cody Wilson.
-Kyle Roberts d. Leland Race.
-"Iceman" Howard Moritz & The Math Magician d. Cousin Gator & Big Jim Hoffarth.
-Superstar Steve Fender d. Dustin Bozworth to retain the Heavyweight Title.

Saturday ROH results from Lakeland, FL:

-Josh Woods, ?, & ? d. ?, ?, & ?.
-Kennadi Brink d. Amber O'Neal-Gallows.
-Kyle O'Reilly d. Donovan Dijak.
-Alex Shelley & Jay White d. War Machine(Todd Hanson & Raymond Rowe).
-"Hangman" Adam Page d. Mark Briscoe.
-B.J. Whitmer & Damian Martinez d. Bull James & Mr. Wrestling III.
-Jay Lethal d. Kamaitachi.
-Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara won a triple threat match with Coast To Coast(Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali) and The Tempura Boyz(Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu).
-Bobby Fish d. Jay Briscoe by DQ to retain the T.V. Title.
-"Hangman" Adam Page won a non-title triple threat match with T.V. Champion Bobby Fish and Jay Briscoe.
-Colt Cabana & Dalton Castle d. The Addiction(Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian).
-Adam Cole d. Silas Young to retain the Heavyweight Title.

Superstars, NJPW, WWW

WWE Superstars

-Commentators:  Tom Phillips & Corey Graves.
-Nia Jax d. Alicia Fox after a fallaway Samoan Drop (3:31).
-Darren Young(w/ Bob Backlund) d. Jinder Mahal with the Gut Check(fireman's-carry double-knee gutbuster) (7:52 aired).

NJPW World Pro Wrestling

-Commentators:  Jim Ross & Josh Barnett.
-Kazuchika Okada(w/ Gedo) d. Hiroshi Tanahashi with the Rainmaker(windup short-arm lariat) to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Title.

Why We Wrestle TV Episode 4

-Commentator:  Michael Gentry.
-Crystal Rose fought Jessica Leigh(w/ Bobby Moore & Wade Adams) to a time-limit draw (10:00 announced, 9:40 actual).
-"The Deadly Sin" Se7en(w/ Reverend Dan Wilson) d. Elijah Evans IV by DQ when Evans hit Se7en with a chair (10:56).  Azrael made the save by taking the chair away from Evans...The Reverend commended Evans for giving Se7en a good fight, but he had to go and make it personal.  At Fright Night, The Devil's Rejects will be in the Evans had better find some tag team partners to fight by him.
-The Lynch Mob(Matt & Joey Lynch) won a triple threat match with The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) and The Viking War Party("American Viking" Alexandre Rudolph & "Littlest Viking" Jake Parnell.  The Vikings attacked the Lynch brothers before the match, leaving them out of most of the bout; however, Joey Lynch snuck into the ring and surprised Parnell with an O'Connor Roll for the flash pin (11:36).  After the match, Tag Team Champion Prince Apollo attacked Lynch with a title belt to the knee and hooked him in a leglock.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Impact + Main Event

TNA Impact

-Commentators:  Josh Mathews & "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero.
-Bobby Lashley d. Moose after a spear off the second rope (7:33).
-The Hardy Boys(Broken Matt & Jeff^H^H^HBrother Nero) d. The Tribunal(Basile Baraka & Baron Dax) to retain the Tag Team Titles when Matt pinned Baraka after the Twist Of Fate (7:48).  After the match, three masked men entered the ring and attacked Baraka & Dax.
-Mike Bennett(w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett) d. Mahabali Shera with the Miracle In Progress(fireman's-carry Michinoku Driver) (2:57).
-Eddie Edwards d. Cody Rhodes(w/ Brandi Rhodes) to retain the Heavyweight Title; Cody delivered a superplex, but Eddie countered the floatover attempt into a small package pin (8:37 aired).  After the match, Maria(w/ Bennett) attacked Brandi.

WWE Main Event

-Commentators:  Tom Phillips, David Otunga, & Aiden English.
-Zack Ryder(w/ Mojo Rawley) d. Tyler Breeze(w/ Johnny Fandango) after the Rough Ryder (4:03).
-American Alpha(Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) d. The Ascension(Konnor O'Brian & Rick Viktor) when Gable pinned Viktor after he and Jordan hit the Grand Amplitude(Jordan belly-to-back throw into Gable bridging back suplex) (7:09 aired).

Wednesday, October 19, 2016



-Commentators:  Tom Phillips & Corey Graves.
-Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament:  "No Way" Jose Valenzuela d. Drew Gulak & Tony Nese when Jose pinned Gulak after the cobra clutch slam (6:41 aired).  Jose & Swann told The Authors Of Pain(Akam Dhinsa & Rezar Selmani) not to look past them in the quarterfinals...
-It was reported that Hideo Itami had suffered an injury and would be unable to team with Kota Ibushi in the Dusty Classic.
-Earlier today:  Tye Dillinger said that he took a beating from Sanity(Eric Young, Sawyer Fulton, Alexander Wolfe, & Nikki Storm), but he's more concerned about Bobby Roode and challenged him to a match at Takeover.
-Backstage:  Dasha Fuentes interviewed Austin Aries about the identity of his tag team partner for the Dusty Classic.  He said the tournament wasn't for in point, Hideo Itami.  Aries noted that Itami received an MRI and suffers from lack of a spine.
-Bobby Roode d. Sean Maluta after the elevated DDT (2:55).  After the match, Roode addressed Dillinger's challenge...he claimed that Tye begged him to be his partner but he just couldn't bring Dillinger up to his level.  Roode's words provoked Dillinger into rushing the ring, sparking a brawl between the two...Tye got the better of the fight and clotheslined Roode out of the ring.
-Backstage:  Charly Caruso interviewed Liv Morgan about her issues with Billie Kay & Peyton Royce...but the interview was cut short when Billie & Peyton attacked her from behind, dragging her out to the entrance stage.  Billie & Peyton said the NXT women's division belonged to them...and that included NXT Women's Champion Asuka Urai.
-Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic:  Austin Aries & Roderick Strong(!) d. Otis Dozovic & Tucker Knight when Strong pinned Knight after the Sick Kick(flying boot) (5:14).  Aries & Strong will face TM-61(Nick Miller & Shane Thorne) in the quarterfinals.
-Earlier today:  Andrade Almas(with Andrea D'Marco translating) said that he had been disrespected in NXT after working his entire life to get he'll fight for his own sake.
-Danielle Kamela d. Nikki Cross(w/ Sanity) by reversed decision; Cross initially won with a swinging fisherman buster, but continued attacking Kamela after the bell and the referee overturned his original decision (1:04).
-Next week in the Dusty Classic, wrapping up the first round:  Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano vs. Tian Bing & Ho Ho Lun, plus T.J. Perkins & Kota Ibushi vs. Lince Dorado & Mustafa Ali.
-NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura capped off the show...he told Samoa Joe that if he wanted his title back, he can just try to take it.  He was interrupted by Patrick Clark, who wanted to step up to Nakamura himself...but Nakamura disposed of him with little difficulty.  Joe made an appearance to momentarily distract the champion, but Nakamura turned around and wiped out Clark with the Kinshasa(flying knee strike).

Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 7

-Commentators:  Matt Striker & Vampiro.
-Backstage:  Vampiro wished Prince Puma luck in his match with Mil Muertes, but Puma made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Vampiro and told him not to interfere.
-Promoter Dario Cueto spun the Dial Of Doom to determine Matanza Cueto's challenger for the Heavyweight Title:  Killshot!
-Matanza Cueto(w/ Dario Cueto) d. Killshot with the Wrath Of The Gods(rewind powerslam) to retain the Heavyweight Title (3:59).  After the match, Dante(A.R.) Fox entered the ring with dogtags around his neck; Killshot recognized him as his long-lost comrade-in-arms and embraced him, but Fox attacked him and laid him out with a straitjacket fisherman buster.  Fox told Killshot "You left me for dead" and left his dogtags on Killshot's fallen form.
-Coming soon:  The Rabbit Tribe.
-Dario announced that Aztec Warfare III would take place in four weeks...and Matanza's title would be at stake as he would be entering at #1!  Dario offered Fenix the #20 spot(since he had been #1 in the previous two Aztec Warfares)...but said the Trios Champions would have to compete against each other for that honor.  The winner would get #20, but the two losers would be out of Aztec Warfare.
-Trios Champion Drago won a triple threat match with Trios Champion Fenix and Trios Champion Aero Star when he pinned Aero Star after a running Buff Blockbuster (8:35).
-Backstage:  Drago was approached by Kobra Moon; she told him that the scales had tipped in his favor and he should bring the title back to their tribe.  Drago insisted that he left their tribe a long time ago and would never return.  Vinny Massaro walked into the locker room as Drago was leaving..."I thought this was the men's room?"
-Backstage in Dario Cueto's office:  Johnny Mundo entered with a briefcase full of money.  He said that he needed to be the champion...he said that the last time they had a dispute, Dario left with a black eye and Mundo left with the briefcase (from a ladder match in Season 1).  Mundo noted that he had to "pay someone off" so not all of the money was there...Dario:  "Oh, that's right...the Internet photos."  Dario finally granted Mundo's request for a Gift Of The Gods Title shot at Sexy Star on next week's show.
-Prince Puma d. Mil Muertes(w/ Catrina Perez) after the 630 Splash (8:46).
-Elsewhere:  Rey Misterio Jr. had a chat with Chavo Guerrero Sr. about his issues with his son.  He asked "Chavo Classic" where this feud would leave him with the Guerrero family...he didn't think they could coexist in the same temple.  Chavo Sr. simply said that he wished there could be another way...but the Guerrero family would endure.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Comedy Part 730: I Still Do This

Location:  Westport Funny Bone
Emcee:  Jamie Fritz
After:  Brannagan Brouk
Before:  Nathan Orton

Since I've been working evenings, comedy open-mics have been more elusive than usual.  Since I was off this evening, I made my way to the hallowed halls of the Westport Funny Bone for open-mic night.  I didn't use all of the new jokes that I wanted to try, but I got a good laugh when I compared Brannagan and myself to a "before-and-after picture".  The new job has been giving me plenty of opportunities for new experiences and joke ideas as a result, so that's a nice silver lining; my goal is still to be a feature act in the near future.