Sunday, January 25, 2015

WWE Royal Rumble

Antonio Cesaro & Tyson Kidd(w/ Adam Rose, Natalya Neidhart, & Rosebuds) d. Big E Langston & Kofi Kingston(w/ Xavier Woods); Kidd kicked out of an O'Connor Roll by Kofi that sent him straight into Cesaro's European uppercut from the arena floor.  After that, Kidd hit the swinging fisherman buster on Kofi for the win.

The Ascension(Konnor O'Brian & Rick Viktor) d. The New Age Outlaws(Road Dog & Billy Gunn) when Konnor pinned Gunn after the Fall Of Man(legsweep/flying European uppercut combo).

Jimmy & Jey Uso d. Mike Mizanin & Damien Sandow to retain the Tag Team Titles when Jimmy pinned Miz after the top-rope splash.

The Bella Twins(Women's Champion Nikki & Brie) d. Paige Knight & Natalya Neidhart; Brie pulled Paige off the apron to prevent a tag, then Nikki pinned Natalya after a running forearm smash.

Brock Lesnar(w/ Paul Heyman) won a triple threat match with John Cena and Seth Rollins(w/ Jamie Knoble & Joey Mercury) to retain the WWE Title when he pinned Rollins after the F-5.

Royal Rumble:
#1 Mike Mizanin
#2 "R-Truth" Ron Killings
#3 Buh-Buh Ray Dudley(!)...he and R-Truth double-teamed Miz and gave him the 3-D, then Buh-Buh eliminated Miz.
#4 Luke Harper...Buh-Buh threw out Truth as Harper was entering.
#5 Bray Wyatt...he and Harper briefly reunited and Bray eliminated Buh-Buh.
#6 Curtis Axel...Erick Rowan attacked Axel in the aisleway and entered the ring to join his former family members.  However, it wasn't a happy reunion as Wyatt & Harper ganged on him...Rowan nearly got Harper out but Wyatt dumped them both out of the ring.  (I guess Axel was disqualified or something.)
#7 The Boogeyman...they had a weird-off until Wyatt eliminated him.
#8 Sin Cara...he took a Sister Abigail and Bray dumped him out.
#9 Zack Ryder...Bray ate a Broski Boot but Wyatt threw him out.
#10 Daniel Bryan
#11 Johnny Fandango(w/ Rosa Mendes)
#12 Tyson Kidd
#13 Stardust...Bryan eliminated Kidd.
#14 Diamond Dallas Page(!)...Diamond Cutters were dished out for most of the field.
#15 U.S. Champion Alexander Rusev(w/ Lana Perry)...he quickly eliminated DDP and Fandango.  Wyatt eliminated Bryan with an assist from Rusev.
#16 Goldust
#17 Kofi Kingston
#18 Adam Rose(w/ Rosebuds)...he was quickly eliminated by Rusev, then Rusev threw out Kofi as well(after Kofi's usual near-misses).
#19 Roman Reigns...he quickly disposed of Goldust and Stardust.
#20 Big E Langston
#21 Damien Sandow...Miz tried to enter in his place but Reigns nailed Miz.  Sandow had a good offensive flurry before being eliminated by Rusev.
#22 Jack Swagger
#23 Ryback
#24 Kane
#25 Dean Ambrose
#26 Titus O'Neil...Reigns and Ambrose immediately double-clotheslined him out.
#27 Intercontinental Champion Wade "Bad News" Barrett
#28 Antonio Cesaro
#29 The Big Show...he and Kane double-teamed Ryback out, then Show eliminated Swagger.
#30 Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler eliminated Barrett and Cesaro, but got PUNCHed by Show...Show and Kane dumped Dolph out after that.  Wyatt ate a PUNCH as well and was double-dumped by Show and Kane(though he set the endurance mark for the night).  That seemingly left Reigns and Ambrose against Show and Kane...but the size mattered and Show & Kane double-teamed and eliminated Ambrose.  Show and Kane got their signals crossed and tangled on the ropes, leading to Reigns dumping both over the top rope.  Show & Kane attacked Reigns and double-chokeslammed him, but THE ROCK made an appearance to clean house on the big guys.  Rusev suddenly re-emerged from the arena floor(he hadn't been eliminated), but Reigns speared him and threw him out to win the Rumble.

Weekend wrestling

NJPW World Pro Wrestling Episode 2

-Commentators:  Mauro Ranallo & Josh Barnett.
-Flashback to March 2013:  IWGP Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, Tomohiro Ishii, & Jado d. Minoru Suzuki, IWGP Tag Team Champion Lance Archer, & TAKA Michinoku when Ishii pinned TAKA after a delayed brainbuster (5:05 aired).  Ishii and Nakamura issued a challenge for the IWGP Tag Team Titles and Davey Boy Smith Jr. accepted on behalf of his team...but he challenged Nakamura for HIS belt while he was at it.
-Flashback to March 2013:  Kazuchika Okada(w/ Gedo) d. Hirooki Goto with the Rainmaker(short-arm lariat) (23:52 aired).  Okada earned a shot at Hiroshi Tanahashi's IWGP Heavyweight Title with the win; Tanahashi came out for a verbal confrontation with Okada.

NJPW World Pro Wrestling Episode 3

-Commentators:  Mauro Ranallo & Josh Barnett.
-Flashback to April 2013:  Kazuchika Okada(w/ Gedo) d. Hiroshi Tanahashi after the second Rainmaker of the match to win the IWGP Heavyweight Title (31:41 aired).
-After the match, Gedo called out Minoru Suzuki...words led to a brief fight between Okada and Suzuki, then Suzuki caught Gedo in his sleeperhold before leaving the ring.


-Commentators:  Kevin Kelly & Steve Corino.
-The Briscoe Brothers(Heavyweight Champion Jay & Mark) d. Michael Bennett & Matt Taven(w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett) by DQ when Bennett hit Jay with the "TItle Of Love" as he was setting up Taven for the Jay Driller (1:19, preceded by several minutes of brawling outside the ring).  The Kingdom trio attempted to do more damage to Jay with a chair, but O.D.B. made a surprise appearance to assist the Briscoes.
-Top Prospect Tournament:  "The Beer City Bruiser" Matt Winchester d. Mikey Webb with the Hardcore Hangover(sitout Tombstone) (7:28); Caprice Coleman did commentary.
-Alberto El PatrĂ³n d. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels with the cross-armbreaker takedown (13:04 aired); T.V. Champion Jay Lethal joined the commentary team during the match.  Lethal demanded an apology from Alberto for his actions on last week's show, but Alberto  attacked him until J. Diesel and Truth Martini ran in to jump Alberto.  Daniels and Frankie Kazarian hit the ring to run off the House Of Truth.
-Next week:  Jay Lethal vs. Matt Sydal vs. A.C.H. for the T.V. Title.

SICW Wrestling Explosion

-Commentators:  Herb Simmons & Drew Abbenhaus.
-Flash Flanagan d. "Dirdey" Jake Dirden to retain the Classic Title; Dirden missed a diving headbutt off the second rope and Flanagan got the pin after a DDT.
-Herb interviewed Curtis Wylde and Wyldefyre about his recent debut in SICW.
-"The Old School Warrior" Chaz Wesson d. Ax Allwardt. Ax initially won with a double-leg pin and feet on the ropes, but the referee caught the underhanded tactic and allowed the match to continue. Wesson went on to win with a powerslam.
-Next week:  Daniel Eads vs. Bubba Troll, plus an interview with Classic Champion Flash Flanagan.

3XW All Stars Of The Midwest Episode 5

-Commentators:  Austin Buckner, Jeremy Jacobs, & Brady A. Dezire.
-Rory Fox d. Brandon Bennett with a tiger driver (6:46).
-Backstage:  Fox complimented Bennett on his efforts...he's on a roll and is getting his shot at Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Wyatt in February.
-Mad Dog McDowell d. "Rockstar" Jimmy Rockwell; Rockwell appeared to tweak his knee and Mad Dog hesitated to capitalize, but he still got the win after the Protobomb (9:30).
-Rockwell had to be assisted to the backstage area...McDowell went to check on him, but Ryan Slade yelled at Mad Dog for "taking a cheapshot" at an injured opponent.
-Next week:  Kraig Keesaman vs. Devin Carter, plus Zach Thompson vs. "Showtime" Bradley Charles for the Pure Wrestling Title.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Comedy Parts 543-4: Hey Guys, Two More Shows

Location:  Hey Guys Comedy
Emcee:  Me
Feature:  Rob Neville
Headliner:  Mike Merryfield

The first Saturday show had the best crowd of the was a lot of fun and things went really well.  I tried to switch up my material at these two shows compared to the ones on Friday.  The second show had a smaller audience but they were still cool...always appreciate the opportunity to perform on the weekend shows.  Thanks to Bruce Veach for giving me the hosting spot and to Rob and Mike for their performances...good times.

TNA Impact

-Commentators:  Josh Mathews & Taz.
-Feast Or Fired Match:  Robbie Eckos retrieved the first briefcase with an assist from Velvet Sky (1:18).  Rockstar Spud got the second briefcase by standing on Samuel Shaw's back as he was slumped over the turnbuckle (4:21).  Aries teased a dive with everyone else on the floor, but instead climbed the turnbuckles to grab the third briefcase (5:46).  Bram nearly got the last briefcase, but he got sidetracked by Gunner and Brutus Magnus took advantage to secure the last briefcase (7:46).  Other participants:  Crazzy Steve, Phil Gunner, Jessie Godderz(w/ Angelina Love), Samuel Shaw, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Bram Cameron, and D.J. Shiima Xion.
-Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley d. Kenny King(w/ Montel Vontavious Porter, Samoa Joe, & X-Division Champion Low-Ki) by DQ(non-title) when the Beat Down Clan broke up the pin after Lashley's spear (2:38).  M.V.P. told Lashley that if he wanted his stolen title belt back, he'd have to fight him on the street.
-Gail Kim d. Jessicka Havok by DQ; Havok kept attacking an injured Gail and shoved the referee when he tried to back her off (4:04).  Havok set up for a chokeslam but LIGHTS OFF LIGHTS ON and Amazing Kong was in the ring to confront Havok.  The two finally fought and Kong clotheslined Havok out of the ring.
-Koya Shera(w/ Tag Team Champions James Storm & Abyss, The Great Senada, & Manik) d. Tigre Uno after a Skyhigh (1:04).
-X-Division Champion Low-Ki & Eric Young d. Kurt Angle & Bobby Roode; M.V.P. and Samoa Joe distracted Angle and the referee, allowing Young to break up Roode's Crippler Crossface on Low-Ki with a chair to the back of the head.  That allowed Low-Ki to get the pinfall on Roode (5:13).
-Jeremy Borash(w/ Rockstar Spud) vs. Ethan Carter III(w/ Tyrus Clay) ended in a no-contest; EC3 spit on Spud and Spud rushed the ring to attack him (1:50?).  Tyrus laid out Spud with a heart punch, but British Boot Camp winner Mark Andrews jumped the guardrail to help his friends.  Spud hit a somersault plancha off the top rope onto Tyrus and Andrews followed up with a shooting star plancha on Tyrus!
-Matt Hardy d. Tag Team Champion James Storm with a small package (5:08).  Abyss attacked Matt after the match and held him for Storm's Last Call superkick.  Abyss brought out his nail-filled 2x4, but Jeff Hardy made the save before he could use it.  Jeff challenged Abyss to a Monster's Ball Match on next week's show.
-Christy Hemme presided over the Feast Or Fired briefcase reveal:  Rockstar Spud got the X-Division Title shot.  Brutus Magnus got the Tag Team Title shot...will he team with Bram?  Robbie Eckos(w/ Velvet Sky) protested that VELVET grabbed the briefcase, so she should open it...and that briefcase contained the pink slip, so Velvet was fired.  By process of elimination, that meant Austin Aries got the Heavyweight Title shot...woo.
-The show closed with the Lashley/M.V.P. street fight...the two brawled into the building until the other members of the Beat Down Clan and Eric Young assisted M.V.P. in attacking Lashley.  Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode finally ran off the heels and Roode returned Lashley's title belt to him...but not before a good long look at it.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Comedy Parts 541-2: Hey Guys, Hosting This Weekend

Location:  Hey Guys Comedy
Emcee:  Me
Feature:  Rob Neville
Headliner:  Mike Merryfield

I stopped by Dean Schardan's show at Hey Guys on Thursday and Bruce Veach asked me if I could host the Friday shows...then tonight he asked if I could host on Saturday as well.  Works for me.  The audiences for both shows were a lot of fun(my cousin and his friend were at the late show) and we had a good host of a weekend show, I didn't want to stray too far from my standard formula.  I'll probably change things up a bit at tomorrow's shows, but not too much...hope to see some of you there!

Show results

Thursday IWA-MS results from Clarksville, IN:

-Brandon Aarons won a four-corner match with Gregory Shart, Gibson Greg, and Jacob Black.
-Alexandre Rudolph d. Nick Doep.
-Breyer Wellington d. Randi West.
-Gary Jay d. Zodiak.
-Shane Mercer & Josh Crow d. John Wayne Murdoch & Dale Patricks.
-Josh Crow d. Shane Mercer.
-Mitch Page d. Jacob Schwartz.
-Ace Perry d. Jimmy Jacobs in a falls-count-anywhere match.

Friday AAW results from Merrionette Park, IL:

-Louis Lyndon d. Davey Vega.
-Justice Jones d. Tyler Thomas.
-Christian Faith won a four-corner match with Dick Justice, Marion Fontaine, and Mat Fitchett to retain the Heritage Title.
-Chris Sabin d. Shannon Moore.
-Zero Gravity(Brett Gakiya & C.J. Esparza) d. The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) in a double dog collar match.
-Ethan Page d. D.J. Shiima Xion.
-The Wet Bandits(Dan Lawrence & Markus Crane) d. Ryan Boz & Paco Gonzalez to retain the Tag Team Titles.
-Eddie Kingston d. Josh Alexander to retain the Heavyweight Title.

Friday SHINE results from Ybor City, FL:

-Amber Gallows d. Amanda Rodriguez.
-B.T.Y.(Marti Belle & Jamie Jameson) d. Solo Darling & Luscious Latasha.
-Taylor Made d. Jessica James.
-Leva Bates d. Su Yung by DQ.
-Allysin Kay d. Athena.
-Kimber Lee, Cherry Bomb, & Leah Von Dutch d. Tag Team Champions Legendary(Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine) & Thunderkitty.
-Mia Yim d. Santana Garrett to retain the SHINE Title.

Saturday ROH results from Philadelphia, PA:

-The Brutal Burgers(Brutal Bob Evans & Cheeseburger) d. Q.T. Marshall & Anthony Greene.
-Top Prospect Tournament:  Donovan Dijak d. Ashley Sixx.
-Top Prospect Tournament:  Will Ferrara d. "Beer City Bruiser" Matt Winchester.
-Roderick Strong d. Q.T. Marshall.
-Michael Bennett, Matt Taven, & Maria Kanellis-Bennett d. The Briscoe Brothers(Heavyweight Champion Jay & Mark) & O.D.B.
-T.V. Champion Jay Lethal & J. Diesel d. The Addiction(Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian).
-Top Prospect Tournament:  Donovan Dijak d. Will Ferrara to win the tourney.
-Tag Team Champions reDRagon(Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) d. B.J. Whitmer & Adam Page in a non-title match.
-Tommaso Ciampa d. Jimmy Jacobs.
-Todd Hanson d. The Romantic Touch.
-Michael Elgin fought Moose to a no-contest.
-A.J. Styles & The Young Bucks(Matt & Nick Jackson) d. Matt Sydal, A.C.H., & Cedric Alexander.

Saturday Anarchy Wrestling results from Cornelia, GA:

-Slim J d. Fred Yehi.
-Kevin Blue won a four-corner match with Jacob Ashworth, Trever Aeon, and El Gran Laredo.
-The Devil's Rejects(Azrael & Stryknyn) d. The Big F'n Deal(Geter & Brian Blaze) to retain the Tag Team Titles.
-Shadow Jackson d. P-Dog by DQ.
-Jeremy Foster d. Lars Manderson to retain the Young Lions' Title.
-Mikael Judas d. B.J. Hancock.

Sunday CHIKARA results from Philadelphia, PA:

-Campeones De Parejas The Devastation Corporation(Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive), Flex Rumblecrunch, Oleg The Usurper, & Jaka d. The Throwbacks(Dasher Hatfield & "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti), Shynron, Jervis Cottonbelly, & Princess Kimber Lee.
-Nokken d. Ophidian.
-N_R_G(Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell) d. The Colony Xtreme Force(Missile Assault Ant & Arctic Rescue Ant).
-Ultramantis Black d. Juan Francisco De Coronado.
-Jakob Hammermeier, Soldier Ant, & Pinkie Sanchez d. Fire Ant, Silver Ant, & Worker Ant II.
-Kevin Condron d. Eddie Kingston by DQ.
-Incoherence(Hallowicked & Frightmare) d. The Batiri(Obariyon & Kodama).
-Icarus d. Chuck Taylor to retain the Grand Championship.

WWE Superstars

-Commentators:  Tom Phillips & Byron Saxton.
-Naomi Night d. Cameron Lynn after the Rear View (4:08).
-Johnny Fandango(w/ Rosa Mendes) d. Sin Cara with the guillotine legdrop after raising his knees to block the Estrella Fugaz(swanton bomb) (7:58 aired).