Thursday, July 2, 2015

Comedy Part 580: Flip The Switch

Location:  Fitz's
Emcee:  Justin Luke
After:  Reid Garber
Before:  Stryker Spurlock

My set went okay, all things considered...some jokes got laughs, others not so much.  After my set, Justin informed me that I had accidentally turned the mic off as I took it out of the stand, so I did my entire set on a dead microphone without realizing it.  Oops?  Yeah, it's okay to tell me about that if it happens.  It's cool, I can laugh that stuff off nowadays and only beat myself up about it long after the fact...I'm mentally semi-stable like that.  Oh well...that set is done, done and I'm on to the next one.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Comedy Part 579: Two-Boned

Location:  Valley Park Funny Bone
Emcee:  Shaun Arredondo
After:  Aaron Sawyer
Before:  Reid Garber

Performed at the other Funny Bone this evening...went up around the middle of the pack.  Thought I did well, though some of the newer jokes didn't hit as well as I would have liked.  Oh well, work in progress and all that.  Next up:  Either Westport next Tuesday or Hey Guys Comedy next Wednesday.  Hope to see you at the shows!


-Commentators:  Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton, & Corey Graves.
-The Vaudevillains("The Artiste" Aiden English & Simon Gotch) d. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder when Gotch pinned Wilder after the Whirling Dervish(European uppercut to the back of the head by Gotch followed by swinging neckbreaker by English) (3:09).
-Earlier this week:  Devin Taylor interviewed Becky Lynch about a recent injury...she sprained her hip flexor, but she will be back to pursue the NXT Women's Title.
-Baron Corbin d. Tucker Knight with the End Of Days(short-arm Blackhole Slam into mid-air Flatliner) (0:47).
-Backstage:  General Manager S. William Regal attempted to settle the issue of the next challengers for the NXT Tag Team Titles.  Next week:  The Vaudevillains will face Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady and the winners would get the title shot.
-Who Is Finn Bálor Part 3:  Finn explained his "Demon" body paint and talked about his NXT Title shot on the Saturday Network special.  Don't blink and you'll spot Montel Vontavious Porter and Kenny Omega in the group shot along with Jushin Liger and Hiroshi Tanahashi.
-Earlier today:  Regal and Sara Amato(Sara Del Rey~!) observed Eva Marie training with the other NXT women...
-Emma Tayla(w/ Dana Brooke) d. Carmella Van Damme with the Emma Lock(inverted STF) (4:11).
-Backstage:  Bull Dempsey had issues with a vending machine and Regal had to stop him from breaking it with a nearby chair.  Regal warned him to get his act together...
-Last week:  Devin Taylor did a backstage interview with Jason Jordan about his tag team loss...and Chad Gable offered his services again.
-Tyler Breeze d. Tye Dillinger with the Beauty Shot(spinning heel kick) (2:52).
-Backstage:  Emma & Dana took a closer look at the NXT Women's Title...which didn't sit well with "The Boss" Sasha Banks.  Sounds like a potential tag match, but who will team with Sasha?
-Finn Bálor & Samoa Joe d. NXT Champion Kevin Owens & Rhyno when Bálor pinned Owens after the Coup De Grace(top-rope double-stomp) (8:18 aired).

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Comedy Part 578: Risky Proposition

Location:  Westport Funny Bone
Emcee:  Tim Convy
After:  Charles Shack
Before:  Tree Sanchez

When I planned out my set, I decided to start with not one but two totally new topical jokes (you'd know the topics if you read the news at all in the past week).  They went over pretty well, all things considered.  I followed that up with the "this next guy will rape you" bit, something I hadn't done at Westport before.  Wrapped up with some slightly more established things, ending with the Memorial Day joke.  All in all, a fine outing at Westport...onward to Valley Park tomorrow night!

Raw + This Week In Wrestling


-Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, & John Bradshaw Layfield.
-The Big Show d. Mark Henry after two PUNCHes (1:24); Mike Mizanin did commentary.  Intercontinental Champion Ryback ran out to fight with Show, then Miz took a cheapshot at Ryback before running away.  However, Ryback challenged him to kick-start their scheduled singles match...
-Intercontinental Champion Ryback d. Mike Mizanin by countout(non-title) when Miz walked away from the match (5:06).
-Paige Knight d. Alicia Fox(w/ Women's Champion Nikki Bella & Brie Bella) by reversing an O'Connor Roll (6:33 aired).
-Antonio Cesaro d. U.S. Champion John Cena by DQ when NXT Champion Kevin Owens(who was doing commentary) broke up the Sharpshooter (16:49 aired).  Owens planted Cesaro and then Cena with pop-up powerbombs after the bell.
-Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players(Titus O'Neil & Darren Young) & The Lucha Dragons(Sin Cara & Kalisto) d. The New Day(Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston, & Xavier Woods) & Bo Dallas when Titus caught Kofi in mid-springboard move for the Clash Of The Titus (11:47 aired).
-Sheamus O'Shaunessy d. "The Man That Gravity Forgot" Adrian Neville after the Brogue Kick (9:10 aired).
-King Wade "Bad News" Barrett d. Jack Swagger with the Royal Bullhammer (1:47).
-WWE Champion Seth Rollins & Kane(w/ Jamie Knoble & Joey Mercury) d. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose in a no-DQ match; Bray Wyatt attacked Reigns and Rollins pinned Ambrose after the Pedigree (8:17 aired).



Main Event this week has:
-Jack Swagger vs. Luke Harper
-Zack Ryder vs. Bo Dallas
-Johnny Fandango vs. Heath Slater

NXT this Wednesday has:
-Finn Bálor & Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Owens & Rhyno
-The Vaudevillains(Aiden English & Simon Gotch) vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder
-Tyler Breeze vs. Tye Dillinger
-Carmella Van Damme vs. Emma Tayla
-In action:  Baron Corbin

Superstars this week has:
-The Meta Powers("Macho Mandow" Damien Sandow & "Axelmania" Curtis Axel) vs. The Ascension(Konnor O'Brian & Rick Viktor)
-Johnny Fandango vs. Adam Rose

Smackdown on Thursday has:
-Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
-Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt
-Ryback vs. Mark Henry
-The Prime Time Players(Titus O'Neil & Darren Young) vs. The Ascension(Konnor O'Brian & Rick Viktor)
-"R-Truth" Ron Killings vs. Adam Rose
-Naomi Night vs. Brie Bella

Battleground is on Sunday 7/19 in St. Louis, MO:
-Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar - WWE Title
-John Cena vs. Kevin Owens - U.S. Title
-Ryback vs. The Big Show vs. Mike Mizanin - Intercontinental Title
-Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt
-The Prime Time Players(Titus O'Neil & Darren Young) vs. The New Day(Big E Langston & Kofi Kingston) - Tag Team Titles


Impact on Wednesday has:
-Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III - Heavyweight Title
-The American Wolves(Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. The Dirty Heels(Bobby Roode & Austin Aries) - Match 5 Of Best-Of-5 Series For The Vacant Tag Team Titles - 30-Minute Ironman Match
-The Rising(Drew Galloway, Micah Camacho, & Eli Drake) vs. The Beat Down Clan(Montel Vontavious Porter, Low-Ki, Kenny King, & Shawn Hernandez) - Elimination Tag Match
-Taryn Terrell vs. Amazing Kong vs. Brooke Tessmacher - Women's Title


ROH TV this week has:
-Michael Elgin & reDRagon(Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) vs. The Kingdom(Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, & Matt Taven)
-Dalton Castle vs. Takaaki Watanabe

Next show is Saturday 7/11 in Hopkins, MN:
-A.J. Styles vs. Roderick Strong vs. Kyle O'Reilly
-Jay Briscoe & O.D.B. vs. Jay Lethal & Truth Martini
-Bobby Fish vs. Adam Cole


Next episode of World Pro Wrestling has:
-Yuji Nagata vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
-A.J. Styles vs. Tetsuya Naito
-Kazuchika Okada vs. Karl Anderson
-Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Katsuyori Shibata


This week's show has:
-Prince Puma vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. - LU Title No-DQ Match
-Drago vs. Shawn Hernandez
-El Texano Jr. vs. DelAvar Daivari
-Alberto El Patrón vs. Marty "The Moth" Martinez


Next show is Friday 8/21 in Alton, IL:
-Davey Vega, Mat Fitchett, & Angelus Layne vs. Gerald James, Jeremy Wyatt, & Christian Rose
-The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) vs. The Cause(Danny Adams & Everett Connors) - Tag Team Titles
-Tommaso Ciampa vs. Zakk Sawyers
-Matt Cage vs. Alex Castle
-Mike Outlaw vs. Sugar Dunkerton
-Jojo Bravo vs. Paco Gonzalez
-Steve O. Reno vs. Mikey McFinnegan
-Ricky Starks vs. Bolt Brady

SLA has a show on Saturday 8/22 in Alton, IL:
-Gerald James vs. Davey Vega - Heavyweight Title - No Time Limit
-Tommaso Ciampa vs. Christian Rose
-Matt Cage vs. Zakk Sawyers
-Mat Fitchett vs. Little Guido
-Steve O. Reno vs. Sugar Dunkerton


Next show is Saturday 7/11 in Glen Carbon, IL:
-Jake Dirden vs. Billy McNeil - Heavyweight Title
-Miss Rachael vs. Lucy Mendez


Next show is Saturday 7/18 in East Carondelet, IL:
-Ron Powers & Gary Jackson vs. Flash Flanagan & Kahagas
-Ricky Cruz vs. Attila Khan - Cruz Gets Five Minutes With Travis Cook If He Wins


Next show is Saturday 7/11 in St. Louis, MO:
-A.J. Williams vs. Da'Marius Jones - Heavyweight Title
-Everett Connors vs. Sean Orleans - Jr. Heavyweight Title vs. Orleans' Hair
-Brandon Espinosa & Ace Hawkins vs. The St. Louis Connection(Andrew Wilder & Johnathan Zulu) - Tag Team Titles


Next show is Saturday 8/1 in Granite City, IL:
-Jeremy Wyatt(Ego Busters) vs. K.C. Karrington(Chaos Nation)
-Roscoe Eat Lisa(Mikey McFinnegan & Zakk Sawyers)(Ego Busters) vs. The Submission Squad(Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy)(Chaos Nation)
-Jojo Bravo(Blacklist) vs. Davey Vega(Resurgence)
-Mike Outlaw(Blacklist) vs. Mat Fitchett(Resurgence)
-Curt Stallion(Ego Busters) vs. Hype Gotti(Chaos Nation)
-Jeff Gant & Tank Engine Tommy vs. Mark Sterling & Adam Rich


Next show is Sunday 7/26 in Cahokia, IL:
-Blake Belakis vs. Bolt Brady - Heavyweight Title


Next show is Saturday 8/15 in Pontoon Beach, IL:
-Brandon Aarons vs. Danny Adams - Heavyweight Title
-Leland Race vs. Leone Mephisto
-Barackus vs. Tyler Copeland
-Billy McNeil vs. Steven Kennedy
-Stacey O'Brien vs. Selene Grey
-Baby Jesus vs. Skinny Timmy


Next show is Saturday 8/8 in Kansas City, KS:
-Metro Proyale
-A.C.H. vs. Ace Steel - Central States Title


Next show is Friday 7/17 in Des Moines, IA:
-Jeremy Wyatt vs. Mark Sterling - Heavyweight Title Dog Collar Ladder Match
-Kraig Keesaman vs. Marek Brave-  Pure Wrestling Title
-Trevor Murdoch vs. Derek Stone
-Angelus Layne vs. Malia Hosaka
-Jaysin Strife & Ray Stryker vs. Jon West & Griz
-Mad Dog McDowell vs. Ryan Slade - Loser Eats Dog Food
-Devin Carter vs. Rory Fox
-Devin Thomas vs. J.C. Slater
-Hype Gotti vs. Eli Machete


Next show is Sunday 7/14 in Troy, MO(Lincoln County Fairgrounds).

WLW has a show on Monday 7/15 in Troy, MO(Lincoln County Fairgrounds).

WLW has a show on Thursday 7/23 in Houston, MO.


Next show is Saturday 7/25 in Lake Ozark, MO:
-Jake Dirden & Brian Breaker vs. The Black Hand Warriors(Michael Magnuson & Dave DeLorean)
-Jack Gamble vs. Elvis Aliaga
-Paloma Starr vs. Lucy Mendez


Next show is Sunday 8/16 in Centralia, IL:
-Blake Belakis vs. Zakk Sawyers vs. Alexandre Rudolph
-The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) vs. Slade Sludge & Dustin Starr


Next show is Sunday 9/20 in Edwardsville, IL.


Information on upcoming shows will be posted when it becomes available.


Next show is Saturday 7/25 in Collinsville, IL:
-Bio Shock vs. Scar



Next show is Friday 7/10 in Ybor City, FL:
-Drew Galloway & Roderick Strong vs. Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley
-Davey Richards vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
-Chris Hero vs. Trevor Lee
-Rich Swann vs. Timothy Thatcher
-Biff Busick vs. Andrew Everett

EVOLVE has a show on Saturday 7/11 in Orlando, FL:
-Drew Galloway vs. Trent Baretta - EVOLVE Title
-Chris Hero vs. Timothy Thatcher
-Davey Richards vs. Biff Busick
-T.J. Perkins vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
-Anthony Nese vs. Trevor Lee
-Caleb Konley vs. Andrew Everett


Next show is Saturday 7/11 in Cornelia, GA.


Next show is Friday 7/24 in Reseda, CA:
-The Young Bucks(Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Angélico & Jack Evans - Tag Team Titles
-Ricochet vs. Akira Tozawa
-The World's Cutest Tag Team(Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae) vs. Team Tremendous(Dan Barry & Bill Carr)


Next show is Saturday 7/25 in South Windsor, CT:
-The Devastation Corporation(Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive) vs. Jervis Cottonbelly & Princess Kimber Lee - Campeonatos De Parejas - Best-Of-3-Falls Match
-Silver Ant vs. Juan Francisco De Coronado

CHIKARA has a show on Sunday 7/26 in Providence, RI:
-Hallowicked vs. Dasher Hatfield - Grand Championship
-Fire Ant, Worker Ant II, & Ashley Remington vs. Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, & Swamp Monster


Next show is Saturday 7/18 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
-Team 3-D(Bully Ray & Brother Devon) vs. The Young Bucks(Matt & Nick Jackson)
-The Addiction(Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. Michael Bennett & Matt Taven


Information on upcoming shows will be posted when it becomes available.


Next show is Friday 7/24 in Ybor City, FL:
-Santana Garrett vs. Ivelisse Velez - SHINE Title
-The Kimber Bombs(Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb) vs. Better Than You(Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson) - Tag Team Titles
-Leah Von Dutch vs. Brandi Wine


Information on upcoming shows will be posted when it becomes available.


Next show is Friday 7/17 in Merrionette Park, IL:
-Ohio Is 4 Killers(Jake & Dave Crist) vs. The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) - Tag Team Titles
-Shane Hollister vs. Matt Cage


Next show is Sunday 7/26 in Austin, TX:
-Masada vs. Darin Childs vs. Scot Summers - No-Rope Barbed-Wire Cinderblocks-And-Glass Panes Deathmatch

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St. Louis Wrestling Community:

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HRW Special Comment

Now, as promised, a special comment about Sunday's High Risk Wrestling show at the VFW Hall in Cahokia, Illinois.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm biased.  Deal with it.

I've enjoyed HRW shows, but the story seems to remain the same:  Good wrestling, not-so-good attendance.  Even though they lowered their ticket price from $20 to $15(it was as high as $25 for the loaded December 2014 show), they drew about the same amount of people as the previous month's show.  The people in attendance had a good time, at any rate...if I had the solution, I'd probably be putting on wrestling shows myself.  (For the record, I measure my sanity level by the fact that I have not yet seriously thought about that possibility.)  There's so much media out there that it's difficult to find the best method of advertising.

Your ring announcer was Brian Thompson; your referees were Jay King, Nick Ridenour, & Brian Stoltz.

The show started with a ten-bell salute for Dusty Rhodes, Tommy Rogers, Buddy Landell, & Cora Combs.

Flip Kendrick vs. Justin D'Air:  Haven't seen too many of Kendrick's matches; he had a cup of coffee in TNA as Flip Casanova.  They had a fun face/face match though the fans weren't too loud for it...this was Kendrick's first appearance in the area and they may not have been too familiar with him.  D'Air hit a major running plancha in the early going, then Flip returned fire with a major-airtime Asai moonsault...nice.  Would like to see these guys meet again at some point.  Kendrick won with a move similar to Slim J's flying inverted DDT off the top rope(sitting out with the move) in 8:44.

Promoter Frank Thurman came out for some announcements.  First of all, the Tag Team Titles were vacant due to reDRagon(Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) not having competed for HRW in several months.  Back in December, I wondered if The Colony(Fire Ant & Silver Ant) would have been a better choice to hold the belts since they'd be more likely to be available for future shows.  (O'Reilly & Fish are all over the place these days with Ring Of Honor and New Japan commitments, among others.)  He said that a decision hadn't been made about crowning new champs...I imagine the belts could have gone into the scheduled tag match for the night, but that was the only card alteration of the show(more on that later).  There hasn't been a "linear" title change yet in HRW, just vacancies.

Frank also announced an upcoming deal with Roku to air HRW matches...hopefully that'll get the promotion some exposure.  Lastly, he mentioned that Magic Man was not at the show due to illness...hopefully we'll see him around again in the near future.

Mike Outlaw vs. Tony Kozina:  Kozina had more standard theme music this time around, causing a few ringside fans to remark on the lack of little baby ducks...heh.  Kozina has an interesting reputation on the independent circuit(Google it) but I've had a few cordial encounters with him.  That included a Twitter exchange when I asked about the names of his trainees from an MECW show.  All RESPECT~! quips aside, I've been enjoying his work as the grumpy veteran grappler.  It's hard to believe that Outlaw is only a year into his wrestling career...he's come a long way in that time, particularly with his recent mic work.  I still remember the first match of his that I saw:  It was in SICW against his future Dynamo rival Jake Dirden.  It was a good rookie face/veteran heel dynamic for this matchup...Kozina got Outlaw in the anklelock and he refused to surrender.  Outlaw couldn't quite make it to the ropes, but countered the hold into a victory roll for the flash pin in 9:16.  We got the mutual RESPECT~! post-match, but Kozina warned Outlaw that he wouldn't catch him off-guard again.

"The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa vs. "The Beer City Bruiser" Matt Winchester:  Bruiser was in the most recent ROH Top Prospect Tournament; Ciampa recently left that promotion.  Both guys were very vocal with the crowd and Bruiser's crowd interaction was particularly funny.  It was a definite departure from the usual ultra-serious demeanor for Ciampa...always neat to see something different like that(see also Davey Richards' outing from the previous show).  Crowd interaction is an important thing, especially when you're in front of an unfamiliar audience.  Ciampa's theme music for the night was "Psycho Killer" by The Talking Heads...interesting choice but oddly fitting.  Notably, both guys competed for World League Wrestling in the past; Winchester worked as Dinn T. Moore at the time.  Ciampa's name rang a bell when he first appeared for ROH and it was because I had seen his name on the WLW lineups; admittedly, "Tommaso" isn't a very common name.  At any rate, these two worked really well together and I enjoyed this match a lot...didn't think Ciampa would be able to get Bruiser up in his Project Ciampa finisher(powerbomb-into-backcracker).  Winchester was able to take control with his size, but missed a Vader Bomb-style elbowdrop and Ciampa finished with a kneepad-down knee trembler in 9:49.

Intermission~!  Two cans of soda for the night; wanted to get a burger, but they were out of them by the time I decided to get one.  D-OH!

Team I.O.U.("Limitless" Nick Iggy & "The Music City Mutt" Kerry Awful) vs. "The Madman" Paco Gonzalez & "The Millenial" Danny Adams:  Iggy & Awful were scheduled to face The (Tryout Show) Rejects(Reed Bentley & John Wayne Murdoch), but they were M.I.A.  They were probably a bit sore from IWA Mid-South's King Of The Deathmatches tournament earlier in the weekend.  I don't often see Paco wrestle as a rulebreaker, but he and Adams have teamed up regularly in other promotions(including ROH).  I.O.U. have grown on me in the two times I've seen them at HRW; they're good at connecting with the audience.  There were some good comedic moments early in the bout...history would indicate that it's not a good idea to talk about Danny Adams' parents(see also PWE).  Anywho:  Iggy face-in-peril, hot tag Awful, bonzo gonzo.  Paco & Danny hit a pretty sweet double-team move on Iggy:  Diamond Dust by Paco into a reverse Stunner by Danny.  Awful broke up the pin attempt or that could have easily been an upset.  I.O.U. recovered to clean house as Iggy dropkicked Paco as Awful held him in slam position, adding extra torque to the ensuing Michinoku Driver.  That allowed Awful to pin Paco in 11:30...nicely done.

"The Supercharged Superstar" Bolt Brady vs. "The Last Real Man" Silas Young, number-one contenders' match:  Silas mocked the Wayne's World hat...I am displeased.  This was similar to Outlaw-Kozina with the contrast of the flashy young face against the no-nonsense veteran heel.  Silas actually isn't THAT old but he just looks the part...I think it's the mustache.  Young kept Brady grounded for most of the match, trash-talking all the way...Bolt finally rallied, but Silas made sure he earned his disqualification:  Ref shove, low blow, AND chair abuse after that.  Brady won by DQ in 11:37, but he probably didn't feel like a winner...

Blake Edward Belakis vs. "Mr. '70s Kung Fu" Louis Lyndon for the Heavyweight Title:  These guys had really strong matches at two previous HRW events.  Lyndon beat Belakis to earn a title shot at then-champion A.C.H., but the title ended up vacant and Belakis defeated Lyndon to capture the belt.  Blake bleached his sideburns and looks...unique, I'll say.  Fans seem to think he looks like a "creepy Jesus".  Blake took control by focusing on the arm, one of his primary tactics in recent times.  Lyndon has some unique unorthodox moves and is a lot of fun to watch.  Endgame happened as Belakis brought the belt into the ring; the ref took it away from him, but Blake got in a low blow while the referee wasn't paying attention.  He hooked Lyndon in his double-underhook guillotine hold, but Louis escaped by running him into the ropes, causing both to tumble out to the floor.  A reversal sequence led to Lyndon hitting his bad shoulder on the ringpost; Blake capitalized with a shoulderbreaker and got the double-underhook guillotine for a second time in the middle of the ring.  Lyndon didn't tap but passed out and that was the ballgame in 15:53.

Post-game:  Belakis laid out Lyndon with a palm strike, then wrapped a chair around his arm to do more damage.  Bolt Brady tried to help out, but he was blindsided by Silas we've got some intersecting issues here.  Silas griped about how Bolt "made him come out" while he was still getting dressed...ha!

The next High Risk Wrestling show is on Sunday 7/26, presumably with Belakis vs. Brady for the title.  They announced that Ace Perry, Dale Patricks, and Tripp Cassidy would be back...goodie.

Thus ended a busy month of June...I saw seven shows in person, as well as the MMWA event via YouTube.  I went to Ring Of Honor and saw Matt Sydal for the first time in forever, along with a few other familiar faces.  I made my first super-lengthy road trip to a wrestling event in Indianapolis and saw a CHIKARA show for the first give you an idea of how little I've traveled in my life, that was the first time I had ever been out of the Central Time Zone!

I recorded my third month of television commentary for SICW, appearing on camera for the second month's worth of show's been a lot of fun, though my camera presence and delivery could use a bit of improvement.  Myself and Drew Abbenhaus are both laid-back individuals, so some contrast might help in that regard.  It's a work in progress and I appreciate promoter Herb Simmons giving me the opportunity...but it's not quite the same without Larry Matysik behind the microphone.  Get well soon, Larry!

July looks like this:

-Saturday 7/11:  Dynamo Pro Wrestling in Glen Carbon, IL; Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance in St. Louis, MO
-Tuesday 7/14:  World League Wrestling in Troy, MO (Fairgrounds)
-Wednesday 7/15:  World League Wrestling in Troy, MO (Fairgrounds)
-Saturday 7/18:  Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling in East Carondelet, IL
-Saturday 7/25:  Gateway Elite Wrestling in Lake Ozark, MO; World Powerhouse Wrestling in Collinsville, IL
-Sunday 7/26:  High Risk Wrestling in Cahokia, IL

Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

P.S. We are all marks.

Monday, June 29, 2015

MMWA Special Comment

Now, as promised, a special comment about June 13th's Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance show at the South Broadway Athletic Club in St. Louis, Missouri.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm biased.  Deal with it.

Looked like a pretty good turnout at the beautiful and/or historic looks like the next time I will make it there will be in August.

Your ring announcer was Ben Simon; your referees were Nick Ridenour, Brian Stoltz, & Jay King.

Da'Marius Jones vs. Sean Orleans:  Jones was looking to rebound from his Heavyweight Title loss to A.J. Williams, but Orleans started by trash-talking him and his family...bad move.  Jones went out to get him on the floor and things went downhill from there for Mr. Orleans.  The ref called for the bell before the two even got back in the ring, but Da'Marius threw Orleans into the ring to dish out more punishment.  The fans chanted for blood, but the Missouri State Athletic Commission might disagree.  Jones hit a Johnny Mundo-esque breakdancing legdrop as this began to look like a glorified squash.  Sean finally fired back, but his advantage was short-lived as Da'Marius shrugged off the attack and even pulled him up from a pin attempt.  Jones finished with a gourdbuster in 3:28.

Moondog Rover vs. LaMarcus Clinton(w/ Survivor Champion Kevin Lee Davidson & Evan Gelistico) for the T.V. Title:  This was the result of an open challenge by Moondog...good luck with that, L.M.C.  Gelistico was wearing polka-dotted shorts(R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes).  Lots of wagon-circling by the rulebreakers allowed for cheapshots both legal and illegal by the trio.  L.M.C. took out the leg on a few occasions and added some FLIPPIES~! for good measure, but the power of Moondog OVAH~! was too much for him.  L.M.C. got a triangle hold out of nowhere, but Moondog lifted him up into a powerbomb and that got the win in 11:36.

The St. Louis Connection(Andrew "The Wolf" Wilder & "Black Panther" Johnathan Zulu) vs. Brandon Espinosa & ? for the Tag Team Titles:  Espinosa ran down his mystery partner's credentials and brought out someone we hadn't seen in a long time...Ace Hawkins!  The fans chanted "You Look Stupid" in response fo Ace's new hairstyle.  The champs took the early advantage on Hawkins, someone Wilder knew very well from their feud over the Jr. Heavyweight Title in 2014.  Espy's luck wasn't much better, leading to a plancha by Wilder...Ace hit the suicide dive on Wilder and Zulu topped off the sequence with a somersault plancha onto both opponents.  Wilder ended up on the wrong side of town as Ace broke up a springboard move by yanking him down to the floor.  As noted in my previous commentary, Espinosa & Hawkins have plenty of experience as a team and have held Tag Titles in other promotions.  A Wilder enzuigiri on Espy gave him an opening to tag, but Hawkins yanked Zulu off the apron.  Wilder finally rallied and ran the challengers into each other, leading to the hot tag to Zulu...HOUSE AFIRE~!  Zulu rana-ed Ace into a spear on Espy, that was unique.  Zulu hit a frog splash on Espy but Ace broke up the pin.

Zulu got rid of Espy and tagged Wilder, but Ace broke up Zulu's side of their Samoan drop/swinging neckbreaker finisher.  Wilder got a two-count off the standard Samoan Drop as Ace ran Zulu into the ringpost...Wilder hit the baseball slide, but Ace pulled him into the commentary table.  Ace then suplexed Wilder from the floor and Espy picked him up into the ring for a turnbuckle powerbomb...followed by a Blue Thunder Bomb!  Ace added a swanton bomb, but Zulu broke up the cover.  Zulu cleaned house and leveled Espy with a Superman Punch off the second rope, then Wilder lifted Zulu on his shoulders to pummel both opponents.  However, Espy nailed Wilder with the flying knee strike, sending both tumbling backwards over Hawkins in a major schoolboy trip.  An Espinosa fallaway powerbomb/Hawkins Ace Crusher combo allowed Espinosa to pin Wilder and we had NEWWWWW Tag Team Champions in 12:53!

"Risky Business" Everett Connors vs. Denzell Vance for the Jr. Heavyweight Title:  This was Vance's MMWA debut; I didn't get to see much of him in his quick match with Heath Hatton at SICW.  Vance went to the top rope a bit early in this one and jumped right into a dropkick from Connors...ow.  Everett rallied and hit Sliced Bread #2 for a two-count, but Vance avoided a Shining Wizard attempt to hit an inverted DDT for his own near-fall.  The two slugged it out and Connors got the better of the exchange, ending in a released tiger suplex(!) for two.  Vance had one last flurry of offense and hit a low-altitude DDT for another near-fall, but he argued with the referee and got caught with the Shining Wizard for the finish in 7:33.

Vance walked away from the offer of a post-match handshake, but Orleans jumped up from the broadcast table to attack Connors from behind.  Orleans added the advanced curbstomp and pulled scissors out of his jacket pocket, cutting off a few pieces of Everett's hair!  Commissioner Jim Harris threatened him with a suspension if he didn't stop what he was doing.  He offered Orleans a deal for the July show:  He gets his rematch for the title, but Orleans' hair will be on the line.  Orleans was fine with those terms...

Austin Blackburn vs. Evan Gelistico(w/ Survivor Champion Kevin Lee Davidson & LaMarcus Clinton):  One of these guys might win~!  MY GOD~!  They went the comedy route in the early going, even taking a page out of the El Generico/Delirious playbook on a rope-running spot.  Blackburn kept teasing a dive and Evan kept ducking and covering, so Blackburn simply went out to the ring apron and dropped a double axhandle...har har.  The 82nd Airborne made a nuisance of themselves, but Blackburn still hit the flying rana off the second rope for a near-fall.  Gelistico finally got the edge by yanking Austin into the turnbuckles by the tights, then sending him to the floor for the Initial Squad to work over.  General heelishness ensued, including another trip or two to the floor for Blackburn.  Evan's attempt to flip-flop-and-fly went awry and Blackburn unleashed his own bionic elbow, followed by a spinning heel kick and Slingblade...for two.  Evan hit the Ride The Lightning variation of the Go 2 Sleep...for two.  Big roundhouse kick...for two.  Alabama Slam attempt was countered into a Code Red by Blackburn...for two.  Turnbuckle-walk DDT...but L.M.C. distracted the ref.  Blackburn went for another Code Red, but K.L.D. entered the ring to grab him in a spinebuster.  The ref turned around just in time to see Gelistico's pin cover for the win in 11:49...CHEAT TO WIN~!

Kevin Lee Davidson vs. Tommy Dallas for the Survivor Title:  Apparently the Peanut Gallery was booted from ringside before this one started.  K.L.D. has surprising agility for a guy of his size...I look forward to seeing what he'll be able to do with a few years of experience under his belt.  He's also good at "wrestling like a big man" already.  Dallas pulled off one of the better low-bridge spots in my recent memory, then nailed a nice suicide dive.  K.L.D. caught a cross-bodyblock off the top, but Dallas fought out of his grasp...only to be yanked back by the tights and clubbed in the back of the head.  Simple but VERY effective.  Nice block of an attempted flying headscissors as K.L.D. dropped Dallas with a sideslam.  Davidson notably has a decent fanbase at South Broadway.  SBAC is the only place I've seen Dallas so far; I don't have as much material to study on him since he's so new.  Dallas gets the ringside tour, but shows signs of life before being thrown into the guardrail.  Regal/Finlay Roll on the hardwood floor!  Davidson takes his sweet time in capitalizing, even stopping to pose with his belt and mock Dallas' hip-swivel.  Dallas finally fired up with a dropkick, then a cross-body off the top...for two.  K.L.D. blocked a Rude Awakening and planted Dallas with the spinebuster...that ended it in 11:14.  Davidson had a staredown with "Da Bomb" Brian James at the broadcast table in a preview of coming attractions...

A.J. Williams vs. "Night Train/Gorgeous/Great One" Gary Jackson for the Heavyweight Title:  A.J. has tights~!  MY GOD~!  Of course Gary is a perennial contender for the MMWA Title which he has held many, many times.  Gary reminded everyone about THE RULES~!...if more people would follow Rule Four(don't forget the rules), he wouldn't have to keep doing that.  The formula was simple:  Hotshot arrogant punk champion vs. battle-tested veteran challenger.  Williams got Jackson in the Sharpshooter, but the f'ing bell wasn't rung as Gary fought out of the turn, A.J. kicked Gary away as he attempted the Texas Cloverleaf.  Williams hit a tornado DDT for an early two-count, then slipped out of the ring to seemingly hide SOMETHING in his kneepad...hmm.  However, Gary got his second wind and dropped A.J. with a side backbreaker...focusing on the back to set up the Cloverleaf.  Williams cut him off with an enzuigiri, but he missed a kneedrop and Gary rallied.  The K.L.D./Gelistico/L.M.C. trio made their way to ringside at this point...Gary hit the swinging neckbreaker and Drop It Like It's Hot elbowdrop, then got the Cloverleaf only for L.M.C. to distract the ref from seeing the tapout.  A.J. rammed Jackson back into the corner...and the referee, uh-oh.  Gary went for a back suplex, but A.J. hit him with the international object from his kneepad and fell on top.  Williams threw the foreign object out of the ring as the official recovered to count three in 10:18...the champ retained his title.

A few different things have been set up for July 11th...Da'Marius Jones gets his rematch with A.J.  Connors faces Orleans in a title-vs.-hair match.  Espinosa & Hawkins defend the tag belts against Wilder & Zulu who will now be able to prepare for both opponents.  Moondog has another open challenge...and Ken Patera will be in the house for an induction into the St. Louis Wrestling Hall Of Fame.  Good times.

Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

P.S. We are all marks.