Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday WWE House Show Results From St. Louis, MO + Other Show Results

Details thanks to Ben Simon:

-"The Boss" Sasha Banks & Bayley Rose d. Emma Tayla & Alicia Fox when Bayley pinned Alicia with the Belly-To-Bayley Hugplex (); Dana Brooke was the special guest referee.
-Matt Hardy d. Dash Wilder after the Twist Of Fate (9:10).
-Goldust & Titus O'Neil d. Darren Young & Curt Hawkins(w/ "The Drifter" Elias Samson) when Titus pinned Hawkins with the Clash Of The Titus (10:20).
-Braun Strowman d. Finn Bálor with the running powerslam (7:05).
-Alexa Bliss d. Mickie James with the DDT to retain the Raw Women's Title (13:00).
-Kalisto d. Enzo Amore after the Salida Del Sol(sitout Asai DDT) to retain the Cruiserweight Title (8:06).
-Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose d. Antonio Cesaro & Sheamus O'Shaunessy in a street fight to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles; Ambrose pinned Sheamus after a flying elbowdrop through a table (23:11).


Friday SHINE results from Ybor City, FL:

-Allysin Kay d. Dementia D'Rose by DQ.
-Amanda Rodriguez d. Natalia Markova.
-Aerial Monroe & Aja Perera d. Kiera Hogan & Aria Blake.
-Priscilla Kelly d. Santana Garrett to retain the Nova Title.
-Jordynne Grace d. Candy Cartwright.
-Lufisto d. Vanessa Kraven to retain the SHINE Title.
-Mercedes Martinez & Ivelisse Velez d. Holidead & Thunder Rosa to retain the Tag Team Titles.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Comedy Part 778: Hey Guys...Guys?...

Location:  Hey Guys Comedy
Emcee:  Lucas Hinderliter
After:  Tom Brown
Before:  Joe "The Animal" Lancey

I had some new jokes to try but only did one of them was clear that I was uncomfortable with the delivery, so hopefully it'll go better next time.  At least we had a bit more of an audience than the previous Thursday.  Hopefully I'll get back to the Westport Funny Bone this coming Tuesday...and hopefully I'll remember to sign up for Helium as well.

TNA/GFW Impact

-Commentators:  Jeremy Borash & Josh Mathews.
-Johnny Impact d. Chris Adonis with the Thursday Night Delight(top-rope corkscrew elbowdrop) (5:43 aired).  Heavyweight Champion Eli Drake fought with Impact afterwards and got the upper hand until Umberto Garza Jr. made the save.
-El Texano Jr. won a non-title five-way match with Cowboy James Storm, El Hijo Del Fantasma, Eddie Edwards, and Grand Champion Ethan Carter III when he stole the pin on EC3 after Fantasma's Thrill Of The Kill(cradle Tombstone) (8:12).
-Dezmond Xavier d. "The Skywalker" Andrew Everett(w/ X-Division Champion Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley) after the handspring Pele Kick (4:46).
-Ohio Vs. Everything(Jake & Dave Crist) d. Black Diamond & Black Danger to retain the Tag Team Titles when Jake pinned Diamond after he and Dave hit a stomp-spike Tombstone (3:51).
-Taya Valkyrie d. Rosemary Rush after a Northern Lights suplex followed by a double-stomp (6:42 aired).

Wednesday, October 18, 2017



-Commentators:  Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, & "Showtime" Percy Watson.
-Ember Moon won a triple threat match with Ruby Riot and Sonya Deville; Sonya got Ruby in an anklelock, but Ember hit the Eclipse(flying Stone Cold Stunner off the top rope) on Sonya and covered Ruby for the three-count (7:53 aired).
-Earlier this week:  Adam Cole & reDRagon(Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) approached Roderick Strong as he was leaving the Performance this an alliance in the making?
-Backstage:  General Manager S. William Regal was interviewed about the NXT Women's Title situation.  Kairi Sane, Peyton Royce, and Ember Moon have qualified, so next week's qualifier will be...enter Billie Kay & Peyton Royce, hoping Billie would be in the match.  Regal confirmed that she was correct...but it would be a battle royal to give everyone a chance.  Billie & Peyton were less than pleased with this development.
-Aleister Black d. Raul Mendoza with the Black Mass(spinning kick) (2:12); "The Velveteen Dream" Patrick Clark attempted to distract Black by trying on his vest, but it didn't work...he still left with Black's vest.
-NXT Champion Drew McIntyre did a sitdown interview about his recent accomplishments.  Zelina Vega interrupted, saying that Drew and Andrade "Cien" Almas have a lot in common...and Almas might just be the next one to challenge for that title.  Has he been avoiding Almas?  While Zelina insinuated that Drew had the pull to get the title match made, Drew said that he would defend against anyone and kindly informed Zelina that perhaps Almas should take this up with him personally instead of sending his business partner.
-Kassius Ohno d. Cezar Bononi after a rolling elbow to the back of the head (3:06).
-Sanity(NXT Tag Team Champions Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain) d. Adam Cole & reDRagon(Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) by DQ when The Authors Of Pain(Akam Dhinsa & Rezar Selmani)(w/ Paul Ellering) attacked the members of Sanity (9:33 aired).
-Next week:  Sixteen-woman battle royal for the final spot in the NXT Women's Title match at Takeover.
-In two weeks:  Johnny Gargano vs. Fabian Aichner.

Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 40 (Ultima Lucha Tres Part 4)

-Commentators:  Matt Striker & Vampiro.
-Matanza Cueto(w/ promoter Dario Cueto) d. Dragon Azteca Jr. in a cage match after Black Lotus attacked Azteca with a cross-bodyblock off the cage, leading to Matanza winning with the Wrath Of The Gods(rewind powerslam) (8:33).  (Azteca initially won via "escape" when Matanza overhead belly-to-belly suplexed him through the cage, but Dario restarted the match to end by pinfall/submission only.)  Lotus attacked Matanza as well and cornered Dario, forcing him to admit that he had lied about who killed her parents(it was Matanza, not the original Dragon Azteca)...Matanza recovered and laid her out with the Wrath Of The Gods.
-Mil Muertes(w/ Catrina Perez) won a three-way dance with "They Call Him A Machine" Brian Cage and Jeremiah Crane.  Cage pinned Crane after the Weapon X(Gory Special Flatliner) (11:34), then Muertes pinned Cage after a Flatliner onto a chair (14:09 aired).  Dario presented the gauntlet to Mil and Catrina, but King Cuerno made a surprise return to attack Mil...the hunter left with the gauntlet as his trophy.
-Prince Puma d. Johnny Mundo in a title-vs.-career match to win the Lucha Underground Title.  "The Darewolf" P.J. Black, Jack Evans, Taya Valkyrie, & Ricky Mundo all got involved after a ref bump, but Angélico helped to even the odds...Puma went on to win with the 630 Splash (18:25 aired).
-BUT WAIT~!  Dario announced that Pentagon Dark had approached him last week about cashing in his Gift Of The Gods Title, so that match would happen TONIGHT...and BOTH men's careers were at stake!
-Pentagon Dark d. Prince Puma to win the Lucha Underground Title; Puma appeared to be on the verge of victory, but Vampiro left the commentary table to pull Pentagon out of the way of the 630 Splash.  Pentagon finished with the package piledriver to win the title (8:30).
-Pulp Fiction-style closing vignettes:  Puma left the Temple, discarding his mask as he departed...Cuerno put the gauntlet in a place of honor in his trophy room...a little girl left a spider in a box for Sexy Star, saying "she hasn't forgotten about you"...The Rabbit Tribe(Paul London, Saltador, & Mala Suerte) continued their worship of Mascarita Sagrada...Fenix and ring announcer Melissa Santos left the building, but Catrina was watching and so was Jeremiah Crane...Daga took his place as Kobra Moon's king; Drago was still imprisoned and Pindar was executed for being the weak link of the team in their loss...Vampiro met up with his master, who congratulated Vampiro for getting rid of Puma...Matanza returned to his cage and Rey Misterio Jr. was revealed as still being alive in the cell next to him...Dario promised his superiors that he would get the gauntlet back, but they SHOT HIM and told him that "new management" would take care of his mistakes...Dario tried to call for help on his phone, but passed out before he could...
-The end?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Glory Pro/Dynamo Pro Special Comment

Now, as promised, a special comment about Saturday's Glory Pro/Dynamo Pro Wrestling exhibition at the Rizzuto Show Eat & Treat event at the Amphitheater in Chesterfield, Missouri.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm biased.  Deal with it.

I began listening to 105.7 The Point's morning show on a regular basis several years ago...back then it was the Woody & Rizzuto Show, but it became the Rizzuto Show when Woody accepted a radio show on the west coast.  One of the hosts of the show, Tony Patrico, is a big wrestling fan and uses some remixed wrestling themes as bumper music...I've had the opportunity to chat with him at a few remote broadcasts and also at some of the local wrestling shows he has attended.  He's a big fan of Glory Pro and I've seen him at Ring Of Honor as well...I know that several of the deejays are wrestling fans, including Donny Fandango and Lux(who now does the morning show on 96.3 FM with local comedian Tim Convy).  I thought I spotted Lux at the dunk tank but didn't get a chance to say hi.

Glory Pro was advertised as being a part of this event, which featured many local food trucks, trick-or-treating for the kids, and musical acts as well as the wrestling.  I helped out at the wrestling tent for a little while, so yes, I was handing out candy to children for a short time.  Have you ever gotten the feeling that your deity of choice is laughing at you from on high?  As the event drew closer, it was pushed as a combination effort of Glory Pro and Dynamo Pro...I figured it would be the local crew working, so it made some sense.  The wrestling got a lot of positive attention from the onlookers, many of whom were unfamiliar with the local independent score in that regard.  I said hi to Donny Fandango at the Point booth as he was broadcasting live from the event...don't know how much of the show he saw, but I've always encouraged him to check out the local indie scene.  (Most of the local groups are family-friendly, so you can bring the kiddos...)  I got my picture taken with Fredbird...woo-hoo.

Your ring announcer was Ben Simon; your referee was Richard White.  Tony Patrico introduced the wrestling festivities; the ring was set up in front of the stage where the musical performances took place.

The Pride("The Incredible Primal Prodigy" Matt Kenway(Look At Him After Dark) & Aaron Dzinic) vs. No New Friends(Kevin Lee Davidson & "The Millenial" Danny Adams):  I think I'm overdue to retire the overblown nickname thing for Kenway...I'll do that eventually.  This was a more casual crowd than the usual Glory Pro audience, so Kenway wasn't unmercifully booed as he normally is.  K.L.D. and Adams showed some innovative teamwork at times, including a move where Adams monkeyflipped K.L.D. into his corner cannonball on Kenway.  Dzinic got a hot tag and rallied, but the opposition was too much for The Pride...K.L.D. lifted him into wheelbarrow position and Adams added a flying knee strike before Davidson faceplanted him, getting the three-count in 10:34.  No New Friends picked up some momentum heading into their United Glory Tag Team Title shot on Sunday...

Savanna Stone vs. Rahne Victoria:  I suspect these two will battle each other for a long time.  Rahne competed for Anarchy Wrestling in Cornelia, Georgia was also her first time as a de facto fan favorite against area rulebreaker Crystal Rose.  (Seeing a show in the old NWA Wildside venue is on my personal bucket list as a wrestling fan.)  Versatility is a good thing and I imagine we'll see Savanna as a rulebreaker at some point in her career...we may even see these two as a tag team down the line (as we saw Matt Sydal and Delirious eventually paired up).  This was a short contest and Savanna was motivated to gain momentum heading into Sunday's show as well...she got the victory with Sliced Bread #2 in 3:38.

"Pretty Reckless" Everett Connors vs. "The Stiff Robo Ginger" Gary Jay:  This was a battle of fan favorites and unfamiliar onlookers got an education on how hard Gary can hit...his chops left a red handprint on Connors' chest that was still visible at the following day's show!  It seems like it wasn't that long ago that Connors was just starting out as a fresh-faced rookie at the South Broadway Athletic Club...he's taken his lumps and progressed to where he's proven he belongs with the top competitors in the Midwest.  (He returns to CHIKARA in a few weeks!)  Of course Gary Jay has proven himself many times over and is finally starting to turn some heads on the national scene.  The match could have gone either way as both men had big matches in Alton:  Gary would continue his recent feud with "The Warhorse" Jake Parnell while Connors would team with his mentor Michael Elgin to defend the United Glory Tag Team Titles against No New Friends and The Boys From Jollyville(T-Money & Nasty Russ Myers).  After the two exchanged close near-falls, Connors edged out the win with a victory roll in 7:38...most tremendous.

"The Master Of Hairflips" Brandon Aarons vs. Brandon Espinosa vs. Roy Lewis for the DPW Heavyweight Title:  Lewis was an interesting X-Factor in this bout between former Babewatch tag team partners.  In this style of match, it's easy to steal a quick pin cover and one does not need to pin the champion to capture the it can be anybody's ballgame.  Espinosa has been a Tag Team Champion in Dynamo but has yet to hold singles gold, a goal he's attained in just about every other promotion where he's competed.  For a while it seemed like Espy's goal was to take Aarons out of the game and isolate Lewis to pin him, but Aarons managed to fight his way back into the match.  Espinosa hit the brainbuster on Lewis but Aarons broke up the cover with a double-stomp off the top rope.  Espy rolled out of the ring and Aarons capitalized on the situation, taking out Lewis with the close-range superkick and getting the pin in 6:44 to retain his title!

Ben Simon sought to wrap up the show, but K.L.D. and Adams made another appearance to talk up their United Glory Tag Title shot the following day...all righty then.

There was no intermission and no Official Ben Simon Concession Count(tm)...aww.  I touched base with a bunch of people at the event...I had to joke with Sarah Rose(taking photos at ringside) over her wearing a Joey Ryan "King Of Dong Style" T-shirt to a kid-oriented event.  It's always cool to chat with Patrico, Moon Valjean(of Greek Fire/Story Of The Year fame), and Jeff Burton...I also got to officially meet Rizzuto, Mak(who does afternoons at The Point), and King Scott(Moon's cousin who has been a guest host at times).  I caught up to Moon as he was finishing up at the dunk tank...heh.  I wish I'd brought enough cash to partake in one of the food trucks, but I've been a bit under the weather in recent days so extra food may not have been a good idea.  Anywho, I headed home and just relaxed at home for the evening...think I needed the rest as Sunday would be a long day.

Of course, Sunday was another story for another time, so tune in next time:  Same Pat-Time, Same Pat-Channel.

That's my special comment for this, the fifty-first wrestling show I've attended in the year 2017.  Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

-PB, Watching Wrestling Wrong Since 1991

P.S. We are all marks.

SD/205/This Week In Wrestling

WWE Smackdown

-Commentators:  Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, & Corey Graves.
-Charlotte Flair, Naomi Night, & Becky Lynch d. Smackdown Women's Champion Natalya Neidhart, Tamina Snuka, & Lana Perry-Rusev when Charlotte made Lana tap out to the Figure-Eight Leglock(bridging figure-four) (8:40); Carmella Van Damme(w/ James Ellsworth) did commentary.
-Sin Cara d. U.S. Champion Baron Corbin by countout(non-title) after a plancha off the ringpost to the floor (1:18).
-Dolph Ziggler d. "The Glorious" Bobby Roode via rollup with a handful of tights (3:55).
-Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn d. Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton; Zayn hit Orton with a low blow behind the referee's back, then followed up with the Helluva Kick for the cheap win (8:35 aired).

WWE 205 Live

-Commentators:  Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness.
-"The Outlandish" Rich Swann(w/ Cedric Alexander) d. "The Extraordinary Gentleman" Jack Gallagher(w/ "The" Brian Kendrick) by DQ when Kendrick interfered (7:22); this sparked a brawl involving all four men.
-Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto & Mustafa Ali d. Enzo Amore & Ariya Daivari when Kalisto pinned Enzo after the Salida Del Sol(sitout Asai DDT) (9:25).



NXT this week has:
-Sanity(Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, & Killian Dain) vs. The Undisputed Era(Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, & Bobby Fish)
-Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot vs. Sonya Deville - NXT Women's Title Qualifier
-Aleister Black vs. Raul Mendoza
-Kassius Ohno vs. Cezar Bononi

Main Event this week has:
-Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak
-Rhyno vs. Dash Wilder

WWE has a house show in St. Louis, MO on Friday 10/20:
-The Shield(Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, & Dean Ambrose) vs. Braun Strowman, Antonio Cesaro, & Sheamus O'Shaunessy

Tables Ladders & Chairs is on Sunday 10/22:
-The Shield(Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, & Dean Ambrose) vs. Braun Strowman, "The Miz" Mike Mizanin, Antonio Cesaro, Sheamus O'Shaunessy, & Kane - Tables-Ladders-And-Chairs Match
-Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James - Raw Women's Title
-Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto - Cruiserweight Title
-Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt
-Asuka Urai vs. Emma Tayla
-Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs. Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher
-Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox


Impact on Thursday has:
-Johnny Impact vs. Chris Adonis
-Rosemary Rush vs. Taya Valkyrie

Bound For Glory is on Sunday 11/5:
-Eli Drake vs. Johnny Impact - Heavyweight Title
-Trevor Lee vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. Matt Sydal vs. Umberto Garza Jr. vs. Dezmond Xavier - X-Division Title - Ultimate X Match
-Ohio Vs. Everything(Jake & Dave Crist) vs. The Latin-American XChange(Angel Ortiz & Santana Draztik) - Tag Team Titles - Street Fight
-Sienna Kay vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Allie Dennis - Women's Title
-Moose & Stephan Bonnar vs. Bobby Lashley & King Mo
-Ethan Carter III, Eddie Edwards, & James Storm vs. El Texano Jr., El Hijo Del Fantasma, & Pagano
-Rosemary Rush vs. Taya Valkyrie


Next show is Friday 10/20 in Philadelphia, PA:
-Kenny King vs. Mark Briscoe - T.V. Title
-The Motor City Machineguns(Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs. War Machine(Todd Hanson & Raymond Rowe) - Tag Team Titles
-Josh Woods vs. "The Punishment" Damien Martinez
-Deonna Purrazzo vs. Karen Q


Next episode of NJPW On AXS has:
-Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega

Power Struggle is on Sunday 11/5:
-Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kota Ibushi - IWGP Intercontinental Title
-Minoru Suzuki vs. Toru Yano - NEVER Openweight Title
-Will Ospreay vs. Marty Scurll - IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title


This Wednesday's episode has:
-Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma - LU Title
-Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Matanza Cueto - Cage Match
-Brian Cage vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. Mil Muertes



Next show is Sunday 2/18 in Edwardsville, IL:
-Tetsuya Naito vs. A.R. Fox
-Jake Something vs. Paco Gonzalez - Crown Of Glory Title
-Lufisto vs. Savanna Stone
-Gary Jay vs. Jake Parnell
-In action:  Trevor Lee


Next show is Saturday 10/28 in St. Louis, MO(Concordia Turners Gym):
-Brandon Aarons vs. Makaze - Heavyweight Title
-Savanna Stone vs. Rahne Victoria
-Justin D'Air vs. Xavier Shadowz
-Keon Option vs. Viktor Von Stein
-Jaden Roller vs. Adrian Surge

DPW has a show on Sunday 10/29 in St. Louis, MO(4 Hands Brewery).


Next show is Saturday 10/21 in East Carondelet, IL:
-Chris Hargas vs. Ken Kasa - Classic Title
-Flash Flanagan & Clint Poe vs. Bubba Troll & Ax Allwardt

SICW has a show on Saturday 10/28 in Caseyville, IL.


Next show is Saturday 11/11 in St. Louis, MO.


Next show is Saturday 11/11 in Alton, IL:
-Davey Vega(Ego Busters) vs. Everett Connors(Submission Squad) - Gateway Heritage Title
-Dingo(Blacklist) vs. Danny Adams(Ego Busters) vs. Mat Fitchett(Resurgence) vs. Gary Jay(Submission Squad)
-Paco Gonzalez(Resurgence) vs. Matt Kenway(Submission Squad)
-Alexandre Rudolph(Blacklist) vs. Matt Knicks(Resurgence)
-Makaze(Blacklist) vs. Adrian Surge(Ego Busters)


Information on upcoming shows will be posted as it becomes available.


Next show is Saturday 11/4 in Troy, MO:
-Kyle Roberts & Warwick Stephans vs. Superstar Steve Fender & Brandon Espinosa
-Appearing:  Ron Simmons

WLW has a show on Saturday 11/11 in Richmond, MO:
-Leland Race vs. Jon Webb


Next show is Saturday 10/21 in Jefferson City, MO.


Next show is Saturday 11/4 in Marion, IL:
-Roger Matheus vs. Jay Spade - Heavyweight Title


Information on upcoming shows will be posted as it becomes available.


Next show is Saturday 11/18 in Collinsville, IL.


Next show is Saturday 10/21 in Eldon, MO:
-Superstar Steve Fender vs. Curt Gannon - Heavyweight Title
-Kyle Roberts vs. Leland Race - Chain Match
-Sabra Black vs. Bre'Nae


Next show is Saturday 10/21 in Sikeston, MO:
-Abyss vs. Roger Matheus - Monster's Ball Match
-Austin Lane vs. Billy Hills - Heavyweight Title
-The Pinnacle(Hollis Giroux & D'Mone Solavino) vs. The L.A. Hustlers(Bradley Diggs & Lamonte Potts) - Tag Team Titles
-Marni Gras vs. Sarah Summers vs. Marko Stunt - Women's Title
-Cody Wilson vs. Otis Crowley


Next show is Saturday 10/21 in Taylor Springs, IL:
-Blake Belakis vs. Firelord Draconis
-Mario Crivello & ?(subbing for the injured Johnny Alves) vs. Everett Connors & Paco Gonzalez - Tag Team Titles
-Kevin Lee Davidson vs. Vic Capri
-Corbin Blaze & Savanna Stone vs. Aaron Dzinic & Rahne Victoria
-C.J. Esparza vs. Jake Lander
-Bailey Bright vs. Kyle King
-In action:  Brandon Aarons


Next show is Friday 11/3 in Brownstown, IL:
-Brandon Aarons vs. Jake Parnell - Heavyweight Title
-All Eyes On Us(Micah Pope & Nelson Six) vs. The Pride(Matt Kenway & Aaron Dzinic)


Next show is Friday 11/17 in Alton, IL(Fireball Bar & Grill).


Next show is Friday 10/20 in St. Joseph, MO:
-Jack Foster & Anthony "Sharkbait" Gutierrez vs. Dak Draper & Maverick
-Jet Royal vs. Jeremy Wyatt
-Thor Theriot vs. Leonel Howlett
-Gary Jay vs. Michael Strider
-Mike Outlaw vs. Niles Plonk
-Sean Orleans vs. Buddy Shepherd
-Marti Belle vs. Amber Lynn

NWL has a show on Sunday 10/22 in Joplin, MO:
-Jack Foster & Anthony "Sharkbait" Gutierrez vs. Jeremy Wyatt & Michael Strider
-Dak Draper vs. Flex Zerba -Kansas City Title
-Gary Jay vs. Leonel Howlett
-The Besties In The World(Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. Niles Plonk & Rasheed Ali
-Mike Outlaw vs. Shane Sanders
-Sean Orleans vs. Buddy Shepherd

NWL has a show on Saturday 10/28 in Kansas City, MO:
-Jack Foster vs. Jeremy Wyatt
-Maverick vs. Thor Theriot - St. Louis Title
-Michael Strider & Ace Steel vs. The Union(Mac & Joe) - Tag Team Titles
-Anthony "Sharkbait" Gutierrez vs. Devlin
-The Leech Talent Agency(Ray Briggs & Flex Zerba) vs. The Howletts(Marco & Leonel)
-Mike Outlaw vs. Ken Dharma

NWL has a show on Sunday 10/29 in Springfield, MO:
-Dak Draper vs. Jack Foster - Kansas City Title
-Michael Strider & Ace Steel vs. The Leech Talent Agency(Ray Briggs & Flex Zerba) - Tag Team Titles
-Jet Royal vs. Jeremy Wyatt
-Mike Outlaw vs. Buddy Shepherd
-Thor Theriot vs. Leonel Howlett
-Maverick vs. Shane Sanders
-Marti Belle vs. Carolina Grizelda Esmeralda Rodriguez

NWL has a show on Sunday 11/5 in O'Fallon, MO:
-Maverick vs. Gary Jay - St. Louis Title



Next show is Sunday 12/10 in Melrose, MA.


Next shows is Friday 10/20 in Reseda, CA:
-Rey Fenix vs. Rey Horus vs. Flamita vs. Sammy Guevara
-Ricochet vs. WALTER
-Keith Lee vs. Matt Riddle
-Flash Morgan Webster vs. Travis Banks
-Jeff Cobb vs. Jonah Rock
-Joey Janela vs. Trevor Lee
-Adam Brooks vs. Mark Haskins

PWG has a show on Saturday 10/21 in Reseda, CA:
-Chuck Taylor vs. Ricochet - Heavyweight Title
-Zack Sabre Jr. vs. WALTER
-Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Haskins vs. The Young Bucks(Matt & Nick Jackson)
-Joey Janela vs. Marty Scurll
-Travis Banks vs. Trent Barreta
-Adam Brooks vs. Jonah Rock
-Rey Horus vs. Matt Sydal


Next show is Saturday 10/28(afternoon) in Chicago, IL:
-Dasher Hatfield vs. Moose
-The Carnies(Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) vs. Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge
-Space Monkey vs. Jeremy Leary
-Missile Assault Man vs. Merlok
-Travis Huckabee vs. Everett Connors

CHIKARA has a show on Saturday 10/28(evening) in Chicago, IL:
-Juan Francisco De Coronado vs. Fire Ant - Grand Championship
-Hype Rockwell vs. Race Jaxon
-Solo Darling vs. Hallowicked
-"Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti vs. The Proletariat Boar Of Moldova


Next show is Saturday 10/28 in Cornelia, GA.


Next show is Friday 11/17 in St. James, NY.

HOH has a show on Saturday 11/18 in Philadephia, PA.


Next shows are Saturday 11/11 and Sunday 11/12 in Berwyn, IL.


Next show is Friday 10/20 in Ybor City, FL:
-Lufisto vs. Vanessa Kraven - SHINE Title
-Priscilla Kelly vs. Santana Garrett - Nova Title
-Las Sicarias(Mercedes Martinez & Ivelisse Velez) vs. The Twister Sisterz(Holidead & Thunder Rosa) - Tag Team Titles
-Candy Cartwright vs. Jordynne Grace


Next show is Friday 11/3 in Berwyn, IL:
-Delilah Doom vs. Veda Scott - Women's Title Tournament
-Su Yung vs. Kylie Rae - Women's Title Tournament


Next show is Sunday 10/22 in Austin, TX:
-Heavyweight Champion "J C.RE.S" Jojo Bravo vs. Hardcore Champion Sky DeLaCrimosa vs. Gregory James - Heavyweight Title & Hardcore Title On The Line
-Jeff Gant vs. Curt Stallion - Texas Death Match
-Ricky Starks vs. Scotty Santiago - T.V. Title
-Jason Silver vs. Barrett Brown
-Angel Blue vs. Allie Kat

Missouri Wrestling Revival:
St. Louis Wrestling:

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SICW Special Comment

Now, as promised, a special comment about the Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling show on Saturday, October 7th at the Fire Department Engine House #2 in Swansea, Illinois.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm biased.  Deal with it.

With three shows in the greater St. Louis area on Saturday, it was a tough decision to make.  World League Wrestling was in Troy, Missouri and the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance was at the South Broadway Athletic Club in St. Louis, MO.  I just didn't feel like making the hour drive on this occasion, so I went to the Swansea show which was about ten minutes away from me.  It also helped that Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat was making a special guest appearance.

Your ring announcer was Drew Abbenhaus; your referees were Jay King and Jeff Edinger.

The show started with the National Anthem; afterwards, one fan shouted out "AIN'T NOBODY KNEELING HERE!"  Swell.  After that, we got a ten-bell salute for Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and legendary Memphis wrestling announcer Lance Russell.  Promoter Herb Simmons plugged the sponsors for the show and the fundraiser for the fire department before the action officially got underway.

Keith Smith Jr. vs. Flaming Freddie Fury:  Keith Jr. is using his father's old theme music, "Back In Black" by AC/DC.  This match presented an interesting situation:  ONE of them had to win a singles match.  After Fury's usual shenanigans, Keith Jr. picked up the win with an inverted swinging neckbreaker in 4:47.

Bobby D vs. The Big Texan:  Texan was billed at 270 pounds, which is a significant drop from his days of being a 300-plus-pounder; I give the guy a ton of credit for getting in the best shape of his career.  This was match MCMXVIII in the never-ending series between these two.  Texan went to the second rope for his big splash but Bobby D cut him off, then hit a top-rope Frankensteiner(!).  Texan overpowered D again and hit the splash off the ropes, but pulled him up at two...that rarely turns out well.  Sure enough, he went to the middle turnbuckle again and missed the splash from that vantage point, leading to D hooking a three-quarter nelson cradle(Barry Horowitz!) for the upset pin in 6:38.

"Your Canadian Hero" Sean Vincent vs. Ax Allwardt:  These two have tangled at a few recent East Carondelet shows, wrestling to a time-limit draw in one bout.  Ax pinned Vincent in a tag match at the last East Carondelet show, so Vincent was hoping to even the score here.  These guys seem to work well together, from what I've seen.  Alas, a decisive conclusion was not to be on this night as they brawled to a double countout in 7:11.

Intermission~!  Official Ben Simon Concession Count(tm):  Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Caramello candy bar, and another Coke.

Herb interviewed the special guest for the evening, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.  Steamboat told some interesting old-school stories, including the time that he and Jay Youngblood traveled to Japan early in their respective careers and ended up in a tag match against Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen...ouch.  The inevitable Travis Cook interruption ensued, albeit with the presence of Big Daddy added to the mix.  Cook acknowledged that his usual charges, Classic Champion "The Icon" Chris Hargas and "Superstar" Steve Fender, were attending to other business(Fender was at WLW)...but he had other business in mind as Big Daddy's team of Cowboy Marc Houston & Johnny Blade was scheduled to face Flash Flanagan & "Ironman" Ken Kasa in the main event.  To that end, he put a "bounty" of sorts on the table for Big Daddy's guys to inflict injury on two of Hargas' top contenders.  With both managers intending to be at ringside for the main event, Herb decided that Steamboat would be the special guest referee to ensure law and order...all righty then.

Heath Hatton vs. Red Daniels:  Daniels is a big guy from Hatton's neck of the woods, specifically Stride Pro Wrestling in Marion, Illinois.  While Hatton had the experience advantage, size and power can be tough for anyone to overcome.  Hatton withstood the assault from Daniels and came back to win with the spear in 9:10.

"Big Country" Clint Poe vs. Bubba Troll:  The bodyslam feud continued here as these two crossed paths during one of Troll's slam challenges; Troll held the ropes to block Poe's slam attempt during the challenge itself, but Poe managed to successfully bodyslam Troll after the challenge had concluded.  Troll used a similar tactic in this match as he grabbed the top rope to prevent Poe from slamming him; Troll had no problem with showing that he could bodyslam Poe.  However, his insistent tactic backfired as he went for one slam too many and Poe caught him with an inside cradle for the pin in 4:32.

Dave Vaughn vs. "Volatile" Curtis Wylde(w/ Wyldefyre):  Vaughn returned from a recent concussion with a bit more clarity of mind than he had previously, causing a rift between himself and his recent ally Wylde.  Vaughn is going back to his more technical roots, which is a bit of a style clash with Wylde's roughhousing tactics...Vaughn went for the win with an O'Connor Roll, but Wyldefyre blatantly interfered for the disqualification in 8:00.  In the ensuing chaos, Wyldefyre sprayed SOME foreign substance in Vaughn's eyes to temporarily blind him...Herb Simmons confronted the Wylde couple as they complained about their treatment, suspending them both indefinitely!  He called in the fire department's mascot "Firepup" who cleared the duo out of the ring with the spray of a fire extinguisher...

Intermission numero dos~!  SICW has a full month ahead as they return to East Carondelet on the 21st and Caseyville on the 28th, plus they're back in Swansea on November 18th with Cowboy Bob Orton in the house.

Flash Flanagan & "Ironman" Ken Kasa vs. Cowboy Marc Houston & Johnny Blade(w/ Travis Cook & Big Daddy), referee Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat:  Steamboat called it down the middle, though the managerial presence meant that the rulebreakers still had that advantage on the outside.  Houston & Blade focused on Kasa's leg after an errant high knee hit the turnbuckles...Flash tagged into the fray, but hit the ringpost shoulder-first and the opposing team focused on his previously-injured collarbone.  Chaos broke loose and the good guys prevailed when Kasa rolled up Blade in 13:43...but the war was far from over.  Big Daddy's duo sought to earn their bounty as Houston leveled Kasa with the LARIATOOOOO and Blade put him in the figure-four leglock.  Flanagan helped out and Steamboat, finally pushed to his limit, dished out some chops on the rulebreakers!  Travis Cook was dragged into the ring and Flanagan and Kasa held him for Steamboat to climb the turnbuckles and deliver his trademark cross-bodyblock!  That closed out the show...woo-hoo.

I've quite a bit behind as the local wrestling scene had a full weekend in the past few days...but that's another story for another time.  Tune in next time:  Same Pat-Time, Same Pat-Channel.

That's my special comment for this, the fiftieth wrestling show I've attended in the year 2017.  Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

-PB, Watching Wrestling Wrong Since 1991

P.S. We are all marks.