Sunday, April 19, 2015



-Commentators:  Kevin Kelly & Steve Corino.
-Donovan Dijak(w/ Truth Martini) d. Dalton Castle(w/ boys) after the Feast Your Eyes(torture-rack Go 2 Sleep) (8:16 aired).
-War Machine(Todd Hanson & Raymond Rowe) d. Andy Dalton & Ken Phoenix when Hanson pinned Dalton after the Fallout(back suplex/guillotine legdrop combo) (0:20).
-The Fish Tank featured Tag Team Champions reDRagon(Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) interviewing T.V. Champion Jay Lethal(w/ Truth Martini).  Fish touched a nerve when he brought up Heavyweight Champion Jay Briscoe...Lethal bad-mouthed Briscoe until Jay made his way out and the two brawled.  Referees tried to separate the two and two members of the Knights of the Rising Dawn attacked O'Reilly & Fish..."The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal, and A.C.H. finally ran off the masked men.
-"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin d. Cedric Alexander with the spiral bomb (14:11 aired).

SICW Wrestling Explosion

-Commentators:  Herb Simmons & Drew Abbenhaus.
-"Night Train/Gorgeous/Great One" Gary Jackson(w/ Big Daddy) d. "Ironman" Ken Kasa(w/ Travis Cook) to retain the Classic Title; the referee was knocked down and Travis hit Jackson with his cane to break up the Texas Cloverleaf, but Kasa only got a two-count from the resulting cover. As the referee continued to regain his wits, Travis jumped off the second rope with the cane, but hit his own man as Gary moved out of the way. Gary decked Travis and locked Kasa in the Texas Cloverleaf for the tapout win...leading to an epic tantrum as Cook berated his fallen protege after the bell!
-Drew interviewed Classic Champion Gary Jackson(w/ Big Daddy) about his upcoming title defense against Flash Flanagan.
-Bubba Troll d. "Dead Sexy" Daniel Gunner after a sitout Tombstone.
-Flashback to April 1982:  Wendi Richter & Joyce Grable d. Carol Sommers & Jill Fontaine; Richter backdropped Sommers into a powerbomb by Grable, leading to Grable getting the pin.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday SLA Results From Alton, IL

-Jojo Bravo d. "The Big Mustache On Campus" Mikey McFinnegan with a jackknife cradle (6:21).
-Ricky Starks d. Brandon Espinosa; Angelus Layne came out to Espinosa's corner and attempted to "forgive" him for his actions of the previous night.  However, Layne's interference eventually backfired and Starks got the win with the Angel's Wings (8:31).  Espinosa tried to punch Angelus again after the match, but she blocked it and beat him down with forearms.
-"The Madman" Paco Gonzalez won a six-way match with "The Littlest Viking" Jake Parnell, Donovan Danhausen, Jordan Lacey(w/ Greg Jovi), Alex Castle, and Angelus Layne when he pinned Layne after a turnbuckle-walk DDT (10:51).  Afterwards, Castle teased helping Layne to her feet but dropped her back to the mat.
-"The Millenial" Danny Adams d. Steve O. Reno with a double-leg pin and feet on the ropes (8:02).
-Zakk Sawyers d. Trik Davis after a brainbuster (11:24).
-A.C.H. d. Louis Lyndon by hitting a Stone Cold Stunner, then following up with his new version of the Hero's Grip(German suplex into a modified O'Connor Roll) for the pin (19:05).
-Davey Vega(w/ A.C.H.) d. Jonathan Gresham; Gresham focused on Vega's previously-injured leg and blinded Vega with green mist at one point, but Vega kept fighting.  A suplex fight ended in Vega delivering a brainbuster onto the knee for the victory (14:21).
-Mat Fitchett d. Evan Gelistico after a modified flying headscissors into a head spike (10:27).
-"American Viking" Alexandre Rudolph d. Jon Heiken with the Goozleplex(half-throttle released German suplex) (6:13).
-Gerald James d. "The Madman" Paco Gonzalez in a best-of-three-falls match to retain the Heavyweight Title.  Gerald won the first fall via lariat (4:27).  Paco delivered an offensive flurry that included a turnbuckle-walk DDT, superkick, exploder suplex, and another suplex for a huge pinfall to even the score (10:53).  Paco withstood a huge assault by the champion, even surviving two Michinoku Drivers, but Gerald finally beat down Paco until the referee stopped the match (13:57).
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) d. Team BOSS("The Rebel" Jeremy Wyatt & Christian Rose)(w/ Greg Jovi) to become the first Tag Team Champions.  At one point, Wyatt bashed Devin with a chair and rammed him into the wall; that led to The Viking War Party(Rudolph & Parnell) helping Devin to the backstage area, leaving Mason on his own against both members of Team BOSS.  Mason toughed out a lot of abuse, including a belt shot from Gerald James behind the referee's back.  Devin finally returned to the match and evened things up...after a lot of close calls on each side, Mason pinned Rose after the wheelbarrow/second-rope DDT double-team finisher (24:08)!
-After the match, Evan Gelistico hit the ring in a suit accompanied by three other men in suits:  Danny Adams, "Risky Business" Everett Connors, and the returning Adam Raw!  They beat down the new Tag Champs and Evan Gelistico, brandishing a book labeled "THE RULES", declared that this was "The Cause" he was following...

Superstars + Impact

WWE Superstars

-Commentators:  Michael Cole & Byron Saxton.
-Zack Ryder d. Heath Slater with the Rough Ryder (4:36).
-"R-Truth" Ron Killings d. Curtis Axel after the Lie Detector(Paydirt) (6:09 aired).

TNA Impact

-Commentator:  Josh Mathews.  (Fare thee well, Taz.)
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  The Hardy Boys(Jeff & Matt) d. James Storm & Khoya Shera when Jeff pinned Khoya after the swanton bomb (5:40).
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  Low-Ki & Kenny King d. X-Division Champion Rockstar Spud & Ken Anderson; Spud hit the Underdog(Acid Drop) on King, but Low-Ki broke up the cover with the Warrior's Way(top-rope double-stomp) and King pinned Spud for the win (6:45).
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  Ethan Carter III & Bram Cameron(w/ Tyrus Clay) d. Tigre Uno & Jay Rios; Bram hit Rios with the Brighter Side Of Suffering(elevated DDT), then EC3 tagged himself into the match to score the three-count (5:05).
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  Bobby Roode & Austin Aries d. The Bro Mans(Robbie Eckos & Jessie Godderz) when Aries pinned Jessie after the 450 Splash (5:16).  The Bro Mans had communication issues during the match and finally came to blows after the bell.  D.J. Shiima Xion tried to play peacekeeper and was pushed around by both men.
-The Hardy Boys(Jeff & Matt) won a four-way Ulitimate X Match with Low-Ki & Kenny King, Ethan Carter III & Bram Cameron(w/ Tyrus Clay), and Bobby Roode & Austin Aries to win the vacant Tag Team Titles; Homicide interfered on behalf of the Beat Down Clan, but the Hardys were still able to retrieve the belts (8:21 aired).

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday SLA Results From Alton, IL + Other Show Results

-Jordan Lacey(w/ Greg Jovi) won a four-corner match with "Risky Business" Everett Connors, Joe Heiken, and J.J. Garrett when he pinned Connors after an elevated DDT (3:11).
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  The Roommates(A.C.H. & Davey Vega) d. Roscoe Eat Lisa("The Big Mustache On Campus" Mikey McFinnegan & Zakk Sawyers); Vega superkicked Sawyers into a German suplex-with-O'Connor Roll by A.C.H. for the three-count (12:45).
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  The Viking War Party("American Viking" Alexandre Rudolph & "Littlest Viking" Jake Parnell) d. The Kentucky Buffet("The Money" Matt Cage & Alex Castle); Rudolph powerbombed Cage, then held him upside-down for a middle-rope dropkick by Parnell.  That allowed Parnell to pin Cage for the win (9:17).  Castle turned on Cage after the match and got the better of their brief fight.
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  Team BOSS("The Rebel" Jeremy Wyatt & Christian Rose)(w/ Greg Jovi) d. Ricky Starks & Steve O. Reno; Wyatt & Rose hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo on Reno and Rose made Reno tap out to a Liontamer-style Boston crab (11:27).
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) d. Brandon Espinosa & Angelus Layne after miscommunication allowed Devin to roll up Espinosa (6:35).  Layne wanted to "hug it out" after the match but Espy decked her to end their partnership.
-Jonathan Gresham d. Louis Lyndon; Lyndon rallied near the end of the match, but Gresham blinded him with mist and hit a series of suplexes.  Gresham repeatedly crushed Lyndon's knee into the mat until Lyndon finally tapped out (14:57).
-"The Millenial" Danny Adams d. Donovan Danhausen with the London Dungeon (7:07).
-Trik Davis d. "The Madman" Paco Gonzalez after a backpack Stunner (11:06).
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  The Hooligans d. The Viking War Party when Mason pinned Parnell after the wheelbarrow/second-rope DDT double-team (10:10).
-Tag Team Title Tournament:  Team BOSS(w/ Greg Jovi) d. The Roommates when Rose rolled up A.C.H. with a handful of tights (14:00).
-Gerald James(w/ Dorian Victor) d. Jojo Bravo in a best-of-three-falls match to retain the Heavyweight Title.  Jojo won the first fall with an O'Connor Roll (5:00).  James evened it up with a blind flying Flatliner off the second rope (13:12).  The referee was knocked down and the members of BOSS interfered only for The Hooligans to run them off...but that left Christian Rose and Dangerous Deveroux in the ring with James and Bravo.  Rose prepared to hit Bravo with a chair, but Deveroux superkicked Rose out of nowhere and unmasked to reveal his identity as Mat Fitchett!  Fitchett attacked Gerald James and laid him out with a turnbuckle-walk DDT, allowing Jojo to score a close near-fall as the referee revived.  Jojo followed up with an Asai DDT and hit the Samurai Driver(cross-legged Ki-Krusher), but Gerald reversed the pin attempt into a modified victory roll with a handful of tights to escape with his title (19:00)!
-Announced for Saturday:  A.C.H. vs. Lyndon, Vega vs. Gresham, and Hooligans vs. Team BOSS in the Tag Team Title tournament finals.


Friday EVOLVE results from Tampa, FL:

-DGUSA Open The United Gate Champion Anthony Nese d. Martin Stone.
-DGUSA Open The United Gate Champion Caleb Konley d. Rey Horus.
-T.J. Perkins d. Biff Busick.
-Ethan Page d. Rich Swann.
-Davey Richards d. Johnny Gargano.
-Roderick Strong d. Timothy Thatcher in a best-of-three-falls match.

Saturday SICW results from East Carondelet, IL(credit to Drew Abbenhaus):

-Ken Kasa(w/ Travis Cook) d. Daniel Gunner (5:45).
-Chaz Wesson & Keith Smith Jr. d. Ax Allwardt & Waco (11:33).
-Bull Bronson d. Bubba Troll (6:00).
-Attila Khan d. Jim Hoffarth (5:21).
-Sean Vincent fought Curtis Wylde to a time-limit draw (10:00).
-Chris Hargas d. Kevin Lee Davidson (7:20).
-Cowboy Bob Orton d. Ken Kasa & Travis Cook in a handicap match (7:08).
-Ron Powers fought Flash Flanagan to a double countout (5:30); the match was restarted, but Flanagan immediately walked out and was counted out.
-Gary Jackson d. Brandon Espinosa by countout to retain the Classic Title (11:28).

Saturday EVOLVE results from Orlando, FL:

-Santana Garrett d. Andrea to retain the SHINE Title.
-Ethan Page d. Martin Stone.
-Rey Horus d. Andrew Everett.
-Timothy Thatcher d. T.J. Perkins.
-Biff Busick d. Roderick Strong.
-Davey Richards d. Trevor Lee.
-Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann d. Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley in a street fight to win the DGUSA Open The United Gate Titles.

Other shows:
-Saturday 3XW in Lynnville, IA
-Saturday WLW in Troy, MO

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Midweek wrestling

WWE Main Event

-Commentators:  Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield.
-Bo Dallas d. Zack Ryder with the turnbuckle-walk Bo-dog (2:12).
-Layla El d. Emma Tayla with the Layout(reverse neckbreaker) (4:48).
-Jimmy Uso d. Xavier Woods with the top-rope splash (4:52).
-Alexander Rusev(w/ Lana Perry) d. Dolph Ziggler with the Accolade(camel clutch) (9:23 aired).

Lucha Underground Episode 23

-Commentators:  Matt Striker & Vampiro.
-Trios Title Tourmanent:  Brian Cage, El Texano Jr., & King Cuerno d. LU Champion Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, & Shawn Hernandez; Texano got in a cheapshot with his bullrope behind the referee's back, allowing Cuerno to pin Puma with the Thrill Of The Hunt(Whiplash) (10:30).  Promoter Dario Cueto wanted a preview of the tournament finals, so he ordered a triple threat singles match with a member of each team...
-Brian Cage won a triple threat match with Willie Mack and Son Of Havoc when he pinned Havoc after the Weapon X(Gory Special-into-Flatliner) (5:57).
-Backstage:  Cueto spoke with Drago about the "unique opportunity" to be granted to the winner of the best-of-five series...
-Pentagon Jr. attempted to break the ring announcer's arm, but Sexy Star made the save.  Cueto took over as ring announcer for the main event...
-Match 5 Of Best-Of-5 Series:  Drago d. Aero Star with a modified Gory Special on the mat into a pinning combination (10:17).  Cueto announced that his "unique opportunity" was a shot at the Lucha Underground Title...but there was a catch:  If Drago didn't win the title, he would be banned from Lucha Underground forever.
-Next week:  Trios Title Tournament Finals.

WWE Smackdown

-Commentators:  Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, & Byron Saxton.
-Bray Wyatt d. "R-Truth" Ron Killings with the Sister Abigail (1:38).
-Wade "Bad News" Barrett d. Mike Mizanin after the Bullhammer (0:35).
-"The Man That Gravity Forgot" Adrian Neville d. Sheamus O'Shaunessy by DQ when Sheamus threw him on top of the broadcast table (7:22 aired).  Sheamus threatened to do more damage after the match, but Dolph Ziggler made the save.
-Big E Langston & Kofi Kingston(w/ Xavier Woods) d. Los Matadores(Fernando & Diego)(w/ El Torito) when Big E pinned Diego after the Midnight Hour(Big Ending/flying second-rope DDT combo) (2:31).
-Cameron Lynn won a triple threat match with Alicia Fox and Natalya Neidhart when she stole the pin on Natalya after Alicia's axe kick (4:31).
-Johnny Fandango d. Adam Rose(w/ Rosebuds & Rosa Mendes) via rollup (1:23).
-Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan & U.S. Champion John Cena d. Tag Team Champions Antonio Cesaro & Tyson Kidd(w/ Natalya Neidhart)(non-title) when Bryan made Kidd tap out to the Yes Lock (7:52).

Comedy Part 560: No More Shells & Cheese

Location:  Valley Park Funny Bone
Emcee:  Jeremy Hellwig
After:  Shane Nicolls
Before:  Charles Shack

It's probably best that I not elaborate on that blog title.  At any rate, I made the list at the VPFB open-mic on Wednesday and had a decent set.  Brian Emuge had a joke about how being "mysterious" and not being good-looking can just make you creepy, so I started off with a quip about how I probably can't introduce myself as mysterious.  Otherwise, it was a pretty standard open-mic set...I got off stage right about the time I saw the second light cue.  (Previously I went over my time and was left off the list the following bad. *sheepish grin*)  Comedy plans:  See James Johann at Hey Guys Comedy tonight(Thursday), then next Wednesday's open-mic at Hey Guys.  I have a long-overdue work vacation in the near future, so I plan to hit up some of the area open-mics in that week...bwahahaha.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


-Commentators:  Rich Brennan & Corey Graves.
-Solomon Crowe d. "The Moonchild" C.J. Parker with the Stretch Muffler(leg-over-head half-crab) (5:11).
-Baron Corbin d. Steve Cutler with the End Of Days(short-arm Blackhole Slam into mid-air Flatliner) (0:25).
-Backstage:  Greg Hamilton interviewed Sami Zayn about his upcoming match with Rhyno.
-Enzo Amore & "Big Cass" Colin Cassady(w/ Carmella Van Damme) d. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton when Enzo pinned Dawkins after the Rocket Launcher (3:49); NXT Tag Team Champions Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy came out during the match with some flowers for Carmella.
-Backstage:  Alex Riley declared that things weren't over between him and NXT Champion Kevin Owens.
-Dana Brooke d. "Blue Pants" Leva Bates with the Whiplash (2:03).
-Next week:  Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley Rose vs. Becky Lynch for the next shot at NXT Women's Champion "The Boss" Sasha Banks, plus Kevin Owens vs. Alex Riley.
-Sami Zayn d. Rhyno with the Helluva Kick after avoiding the Gore (11:38 aired).