Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday WrestleMax Results From St. Louis, MO + Other Show Results

-Rahim De La Suede won a four-corner match with "The Deliverer" Moses Powell, A.T.M., and Ryu Kendrick when he pinned Kendrick after the 450 Splash (5:29).
-David Lee Memorial Tournament: "The Gunslinger" Mat Fitchett d. Anthony "Sharkbait" Gutierrez after the flying knee strike (12:28).
-David Lee Memorial Tournament: "The Real McCoy" J.D.X. d. "The Frontman" Jah-C via elevated Boston Crab (12:14).
-David Lee Memorial Tournament: "Heavyweight Hustle" Calvin Tankman d. Jake Something after a vertical suplex dropped into a sitout Tombstone (12:44).
-David Lee Memorial Tournament: Mike Outlaw d. "Can't Miss" Xavier Walker by countout when Walker threw Outlaw back in the ring at nine but didn't quite make it back into the ring before ten (9:01). Walker laid out Outlaw with a post-match chokeslam.
-Kevin Lee Davidson vs. Moonshine Mantell ended in a no-contest when Xavier Walker attacked K.L.D. with a chair (11:07).
-David Lee Memorial Tournament: "The Real McCoy" J.D.X. d. "The Gunslinger" Mat Fitchett after a powerbomb dropped into a DDT (4:46).
-David Lee Memorial Tournament: Mike Outlaw d. "Heavyweight Hustle" Calvin Tankman with a rana pin (11:17).
-"The Queen Bee" Brooke Valentine d. "The Arachnoid" Blair Onyx after the spear (11:52).
-Gauntlet Match: "The Quadfatha" Camaro Jackson d. Chris Hendrix after a lariat to the back of the head (5:46). Jackson d. "Black Sexcellence" Devon Monroe via lariat (12:02). Jackson d. Levi Everett with the lariat (16:43). Jackson d. Edvin Kudic after the lariat (25:03).
"The Frontman" Jah-C d. Jackson after a kick to the groin from behind (which the referee missed), followed by an advanced curbstomp (26:09).
-David Lee Memorial Tournament: Mike Outlaw d. "The Real McCoy" J.D.X. with the High Noon(top-rope elbowdrop) (16:36).


Friday AAW results from Villa Park, IL:

-Joeasa d. Dante Leon.
-Skye Blue d. Hyan.
-Brayden Lee d. Ace Perry.
-Heritage Champion Hakim Zane d. Isaiah Moore(non-title).
-Heritage Champion Hakim Zane d. Cole Karter(non-title).
-Paco Gonzalez won a four-corner match with Gringo Loco, Jake Lander, and Nick King.
-Mance Warner d. Steve Manders to retain the Heavyweight Title.
(recorded for later airing on Twitch)
-Allysin Kay d. Ray Lyn.
-Ren Jones d. Damian Chambers.
-Matthew Justice d. Gary Jay.
-Fred Yehi d. Travis Titan.
-Allie Katch(aka Allie Kat) d. Heather Reckless.
-Russ Jones won a handicap match against La Sociedad Boricua(Alex Rico & Rico De La Vega).
-Ace Austin d. Jake Crist.
-Myron Reed d. Hakim Zane to win the Heritage Title.

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